Baby Eczema Face And Neck

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    Any tricks to eliminating baby eczema on face?
    We have LO's body (neck down) under control with lots of moisturizing (Vaseline and Glaxal Base) and with the odd use of Elocom (once a week), but we can't seem to get his flare up on his face to go away. Dr. has prescribed HydroVal and now wants us to use an immunomodulator (Elidel). However there's a nice big warning on the company's website that the product is not to be used for children under 2. So before we try anything drastic, maybe a tweak in LO's regimen or trying new products might help.

    • ANSWER:
      hi my daughter Angel is 2 months old and she had the baby eczema and we went to the doctor and it tuns out i was actually over moisturizing with johnson and johnson baby lotion, and johnson and johnson baby lotion was no good for her so i stopped using it and just like your son her body cleared up but her neck and cheks didnt so her doctor told me to get EUCERIN daily replenishing lotion it cleared it in like 3 days now i use it every 2 day on her whole body and i havent seen anything since
      i hope this helps

    my grand baby has fine bumps on his neck and now his face. Dr. says it's eczema. But articles I read says ec?

    • ANSWER:
      What!? You need to define what "ec" means.

      No one can accurately diagnose your grand baby skin condition via cyberspace. If you want medical advice, then Yahoo! Answer is the last place you want to go and ask your question when you can see a pharmacist or doctor. The trade-off is huge: a medical physician versus a total random stranger with no knowledge of your grand baby's medical history and skin condition. No honest person will tell you that s/he knows exactly what your grand baby have and give you the correct treatment protocol. That is what you call wishful thinking.

      Give your grand baby what he deserves. A real doctor like a board-certified pediatrician or pediatric dermatologist.

    What is the difference between erythema toxicum and eczema? How can i be sure which one my baby has?
    Baby is 1 month old and has red rashes on face, neck, ears and head.

    • ANSWER:
      Well erythema toxicum, is a red rash that looks like eczema except the rash looks more "pimply" with pus. Eczema is usually a rough dry red patch, no pimple like bumps.

      Google the picture differences.

      OR, it could be baby acne, no matter how tempting don't pop 'em. You can't do much for baby acne, it will clear up on its own.

    Baby Eczema and Aloe Vera?
    Hi Peeps,

    My LO has developed a heat rash looking rash on his face and neck my Dr said my LO has baby eczema.

    He pescribed us a hydrocortisone cream 1% and Aveeno cream for his face, and told me to include Oilatum in his bath. This was over a week ago and the rash wont seem to budge. The Hydrocortisone did take it away slightly but I stopped using it as it is a steriod and that is not good for bubs, also when you stop using it the rash seems to slowly come back.

    My friend has said that pure Aloe Vera is good to use, has anyone had experience using this or there little one having baby eczema. Why did you use and how long did it take to clear? The DR said that this type of rash is common in babiess and usually clears and does not re-aapear. Has this happened to anyone?

    My LO has had the rash since 5 weeks and is now 8 weeks there has been no improvement.....

    let me know what you have experienced.


    • ANSWER:
      i was born with eczema and have been having it my whole life (no break outs though)
      my mom used baby aveeno on me and gave me oatmeal baths, it helped with me because i never really had any bad break outs.

      she also used keri lotion on me and the dr had prescribed me some cream to use

      im having my baby in 2days and i stacked up on the baby aveeno.

    I have appalling eczema on my hands, arms, neck and face. How can I deal with it?
    I feel extremely uncomfortable and grumpy a lot of the time. When I go out people kind of stare and look uncomfortable too. The eczema flares up more when I'm stressed. I've always had it, somestimes worse than others. I avoid dairy products, meat, sugar, alcohol, chocolate (all the things (except meat) I'd love to eat) !!
    The steroid creams and more modern ones work a little for a few months but then the skin kind of rejects it. Same with moisturisers - the skin seems to develop an intollerance to them and ends up going hard but greasy. It's horrible. My partner is really supportive and caring even though I feel ugly a lot of the time (on the surface!). We have a new baby of Christmas eve 2007. He doesn't like the feel of my skin which is sad.

    Can anyone please help? Thank you for your answers : )

    • ANSWER:
      Adam, hello. I suggest that you should try anti-eczema cream and spray combination by Champori. It is herbal, free of steroids and works faster and better for my eczema than anything else I tried. My patches cleared in just 2.5 weeks and I haven't had a relapse in more than a year now!

    Has anybody tried miamoo cuddle cream on a baby with eczema?
    my 6 week old baby developed eczema from what i believe johnsons baby tip to toe wash. it started out as a dry patch on his cheek and has now spread all over his poor face, neck, chest and back. The doctor prescribed aqueous cream at first but it was crap and just made his skin angry, so i went back and he precribed oilitum for his bath, epaderm to be used at night and doublebase for day use. i believe these have angered it even more as his ears have become dry and his skin is peeling and more spots have appeared. Ive bathed him this mornin to get the creams of his skin, i used nothing but water as i didnt want to aggitate his skin even more, and then smothered his skin in extra virgin olive oil to keep it from drying any further.
    I really would like to use natural products as i believe he may be having an allergic reaction to prescribed creams. Ive looked at avent magic cream, aveeno baby calming cream and miamoo cuddle cream. Just would like to know if anybody had used these with/without success?
    I only bath him 2- 3 times a week now, in cooler water, pat his skin dry and have started using only fairy non bio on his clothes, no fabric softner.
    I dont think its bothering him too much as hes sleeping fine and not trying to scratch his skin, but he obviously cant tell me if hes uncomfortable so i want a quick fix.

    • ANSWER:
      I use "Gentle naturals, Disney baby, baby eczema cream."
      It works in like 2 or 3 days. It even cleared up his cradle cap.
      and its made for babies. fragrance free, dye free etc.

      its at walgreens or rite aid.

      i use All baby for his clothes and he's fine.

    Heat rash or Baby Eczema?

    I have a 1 month old and for the past about four days she has had this rash on her face, neck, back and front of shoulders/chest, back of head and ears. It started out on her face and I had noticed it after she was sleeping on my chest and got a little sweaty so I figured it was heat rash but Im not sure its getting better. On the back of her neck all the bumps were puss looking, someone suggested putting triple cream on it so I tried it, it no longer looks like a bunch of pimples but still a bunch of red bumps. If it were a heat rash I would think it would be in her arm pits and cracks of arms and legs but idk. Is there a way to help tell the difference. She has not seemed to be in discomfort from it. I have kept her in only a diaper for the last two days while home, kept her real cool and have not used her plush blankets, i have not felt any sweat on her. How long did it take for your babys heat rash to clear?

    Im thinking about taking her to the doctor tomorrow as well. i just would rather be safe than sorry.
    I didnt think it would thats what caused me to think it would be something other than haet rash.

    I have not changed soaps or clothes detergent
    She was breast fed for 3 weeks but is now on formula, which is what she has used since she was born besides breast milk.

    she feeds fine, no temp, at home has been wrapped in 100% cotton blanket and I didnt think to see if her onesie she wore when we went out yesterday was. I do plan to take her to the doctor this morning. since it has gone on for more than a few days.

    and i will be sure to bath her in cool plain water, thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should take her to the Doctors to get a diagnosis.
      Heat rash wouldn't normally go pusy.

      You havn't changed soap powder or anything like that.
      Bottle or breast fed?
      If breast, she could be allergic to something you have eaten?

      Bath her in plain water only and this will keep her cool also.
      Make sure when you go out and dress her, she is wearing only 100% cotton, next to her skin.

      You could try calamine lotion if she is itchy?
      Or if the Doctor thinks it's eczema they will give you cream.

      Is she feeding ok, not running a temperature?

      When she go's to sleep at home, you could swaddle her in a cotton sheet, nothing else.

    Is It Heat rash or Baby Eczema?
    or something else..


    I have a 1 month old and for the past about four days she has had this rash on her face, neck, back and front of shoulders/chest, back of head and ears. It started out on her face and I had noticed it after she was sleeping on my chest and got a little sweaty so I figured it was heat rash but Im not sure its getting better. On the back of her neck all the bumps were puss looking, someone suggested putting triple cream on it so I tried it, it no longer looks like a bunch of pimples but still a bunch of red bumps. If it were a heat rash I would think it would be in her arm pits and cracks of arms and legs but idk. Is there a way to help tell the difference. She has not seemed to be in discomfort from it. I have kept her in only a diaper for the last two days while home, kept her real cool and have not used her plush blankets, i have not felt any sweat on her. How long did it take for your babys heat rash to clear?

    Im thinking about taking her to the doctor tomorrow as well. i just would rather be safe than sorry.

    • ANSWER:
      My daughter had the same thing when she was a baby and it turned out to be eczema. If it is heat rash it will probably go away on it's own in a few days, but if it's eczema it will stay. Also, if the rashes get dry and flaky it is probably eczema. She's 5 now and only this year I've figured out how to effectively contain her rashes.

    Eczema or baby acne?? ?
    I have a seven week old baby who has a rash on this face and neck, it is red, bumpy and very dry. I tried looking up rashes in our baby book and they all seem to be described the same way. We've stopped using lotion on his face so we don't further irritate it. My question is if this sounds like baby acne or eczema and also how do I make it better. He's been very fussy, I don't know if that's due to the rash or just fussiness. Also he doesn't seem to be trying to scratch it, then agian he's only seven weeks old. Please advise.

    • ANSWER:
      I would say baby acne best to get it checked by a doctor

    Natural remedies for baby eczema?
    My baby is 6 weeks old and exclusively breastfed, but has red, spotty, cracked, flaky, wrinkly, dry skin that my doctor has said is eczema. It started off like chapped skin on her cheeks about 3 weeks ago and has got worse and worse and spread to her whole face including eyelids, ears, neck and now her chest, cracks of her elbows and knees.
    My doctor gave me aqueous cream for her, but my health visitor said not to use it as it now proven to affect some babies' skin and give them rashes!!!
    I now (after this and other incidents) have little confidence in conventional medicine, but would appreciate any suggestions for alternative remedies availabIe in the UK that I can research to make her better, or at least reduce some discomfort, although she doesn't seem too bothered by it at present.
    I am currently using Allergenics Intensive care cream (as recommended by a homeopath at my local health food shop) to moisturise, and have just cut dairy products from my own diet to see if it helps.

    • ANSWER:
      I've had eczema much of my life, so I feel for the baby.
      I am concerned that because of your "health visitor" you won't try what the doctor said. ALL remedies can have adverse effects but you don't know for sure that this would happen with what the doctor prescribed without giving it a fair chance.
      Here's a site that covers some issues that might help:

      Here's more info:
      Note navigation bars on left as it gives you areas to go to such as moisturizing and other self care.

      This doctor seems suspicious of cow's milk for one thing (in YOUR diet):

      My suggestion is to read up on eczema, pay particular attention to food issues, and change YOUR diet as though YOU had eczema and see if that helps. Make sure the baby has as few fragrances, etc. around. Keep well moisturized.

      Personally, I think what is worth a go is this: olive oil. Put some on the affected areas. Olive oil doesn't block skin pores up and is used in many beauty products. Unless, God forbid, your poor child has an allergy to it, if you are using EVO--Extra Virgin Olive Oil--I can't see what the problem could be for the child. You'll need to be careful about it getting all over as it could be messy, but soft cotton should be washable and so long as it is given a fair chance (I'd say 2 weeks, apply at least twice a day--and remember just as adults should do PAT dry, don't RUB, skin so some moisture is left THEN apply the olive oil. As we're talking a baby, they'll rub it off more frequently than an adult who can better control what they're doing, so may be you need to do half dozen times a day for a while. One good sized bottle and some patience COULD pay off. I pray so.
      I had decided to try olive oil myself when I heard a beauty expert on how it doesn't clog pores. Just bought a bottle yesterday but was too exhausted to try it (I'm very ill and fatigue easily). Can't wait to see if it works for me though to get back to you.

      Good luck!

    Eczema, allergies, or baby acne? How to tell the difference?
    My 7 wk old son has a rash on his face and neck, and now on his ear. It is rough, with very small bumps. It started on one cheek, moved to the other, then his chin, then his neck, and now a tiny bit on his ear. Just this weekend it started to become very red on the cheek that it began with. It doesnt appear to bother him, but since he cant tell me, I dont know.
    How can you tell the difference b/w allergies, eczema, or baby acne? I have a dr appt today, I was just curious.
    We use products for sensitive skin, always.
    It started when he was about 4 or 5 wks old, and has slowly been getting worse, I thought it was just acne until this weekend when it started spreading so fast
    It started when he was about 4 or 5 wks old, and has slowly been getting worse, I thought it was just acne until this weekend when it started spreading so fast

    • ANSWER:
      My nearly 3yo has eczema, and also has very sensitive skin (like me).
      Both him and his twin brother have had many rashes in their lives, but seeing eczema compared to a rash, it really is a lot of difference.
      They both are allergic to soaps, perfumes, deodorants, just about everything most people put on their skins, so they have had allergy rashes too. Even from products designed for sensitive skin.

      Have a look at the pictures I have left below. :)

    Best soap/lotion for sensitive baby skin/eczema?
    What products have you found work the best for your baby if they have sensitive skin? My almost 4 month old has a red, scaly rash on his cheeks that I just can't seem to get rid of! I took him to the dr. and he said it was just dermitis and to put cortizone on it. The cortizone helped for about 2 days and then the rash came back. I stopped using Johnson's lotion a few weeks ago, and just stopped using their soap this last week. He has a few rashy spots on his body that come and go, but the main problem is on his face and neck. What did you find that helped your baby's skin?

    I already use baby detergent. I breastfeed, and I don't wear lotion or perfumes.

    • ANSWER:
      Aveeno baby. Anything I put on his skin is one of their products. His eczema was gone within a few days and hasn't come back.

    milk spots or eczema on 5 week old baby?
    my little girl is now 5 weeks and from about 3 weeks old she developed red bumps over her face which now covers her whole face, ears, neck, chest and scalp. the spots aren't so much white heads and her skin feels very dry - kinda like goose bumps but more prominent. she doesn't appear to be bothered by them but would a 5 week old baby know how to scratch her face if its itchy? she doesn't seem to be able to co-ordinate yet. the spots seem worse when she's flustered or after feeding (breast fed). She also has a crusty eye which always has yellow crust in the eyelashes, this is also worse after she cries - i'm not sure if thats relevant tho. what i want to know is, is this a typical description of milk spots, or could it be something more like eczema in which i should treat? i have aqueous cream which is fab but i don't want to put it on her if its just milk spots. does anyone else have the same problem?

    • ANSWER:
      Don`t panic ,but I would at least have her checked out to be on the safe side!!!

    How do you tell the difference between Baby eczema or Acne?
    My daughters face has broken out pretty bad about 2 weeks ago it started She's now 8 weeks old..She had such a nice clear face and now its blotchy..She has it mostly on her cheeks but now I see some on her forehead and neck area..The pedi told me it's heatrash..but its not hot yet..Stupid question is, whats the difference between baby acne and eczema? Or how do you tell the difference..Do they go away, how do I treat it..I notice her cheeks feel dry so i;ve been using baby aveeno for dry skin and even eczema..But if it's baby acne, I know the lotions could be making her face worse..I dont see any whiteheads..its just red dots and someplaces it's blotchy I dont know if maybe the detergent or the babywash could also be making her skin this way. Any help would be appreciated..thanks ;)

    • ANSWER:
      Eczema is almost like a diaper rash, looks dry usually and is itchy. Acne looks like little red pumps sometimes with white heads. Heat rash isn't from hot weather. It can be from being to hot from clothing, blankets, and laying in a bed or car seat can make there back hot.

      This is what heat rash looks like:

      This is what eczema looks like:

      Thi is what baby acne looks like:

      Info on heat rash:

      Info on baby eczema:

      Info on baby acne:

      I would switch to something all natural/organic. I use a product. from Wal-Mart called Live Clean [Baby]. My baby girl has itchy sensitive skin and this works get. Aveeno, Johnsons and Johsnson, and etc brands are gentle but, really looks a list of crap in there how gentle can they really be? Also switch your detergent to something for sensitive skin, organic/natural, or without smell this could be bothering her skin.
      Good luck and congratulations!

    My 3 mo. old son have red rashes on his face and neck..?
    the rashes on his face seeps liquid,dried yellow and crust. it is always itchy. the one on his neck is not that itchy but it is deep red. i am wondering if it is eczema. i changed his soap from baby wash to baby's own bar soap but nothing happens, even his lotion changed to aveeno.

    • ANSWER:
      My son has a similar case. Everyone kept saying excema but all the things they told me to do wouldn't work. I used Aveeno too! The latest doctor told me to use Eucerine with the teal cap. She said it was a genetic skin condition having to do with the hair follicle. I have a mild form of the rash on the back of my arms so i passed it on to him.=( I hope this helps!

    Anyone struggling with baby eczema that's hard to get under control?
    My daughter is 6 months old and is exclusively breastfed. She was diagnosed with ezcema at two months at which the doctor prescribed 1% hydrocortisone cream. We used it rarely since it was mild steroid but her eczema got worse, so at 4 months, doctor prescribed 0.1% triacemolone. We use it for flare ups and use aquaphor-eucerin but it is still bad with severe itching.

    1. She developed eczema at 2 months. It started on cheeks first and later spread to neck, inside of elbows, behind the knees, diaper area, trunk, legs, feet, back - I should say almost everywhere in her body. The cheeks had cleared pretty soon but recently its back on her face as well including forehead. She has cradle cap as well.

    2. Her eczema looks like small red bumps - the skin is smooth (probably because I do a good job at keeping it moisturised all the time) but red & inflamed most of the time. The skin calms down at times but she has very frequent flare-ups.

    3. I bath her daily. I apply 100% natural organic oil on her skin/bath water during bath. I use only lukewarm water, limit bath times and avoid soap or use a very gentle cleanser such as cetaphil. I apply lots o aquaphor mixed with eucerin on her soon after bath. I pat her dry and do not rub. I also use 1% hydrocortisone most times after bath and 0.1% triamcelone when it gets worse.

    4. I use only 100% cotton on her and use dreft for her detergent.

    5. I try to keep the house as dust free as possible and also monitor humidity with a cool mist humidifier.

    6. I apply lots of aquaphor/eucerin on her every 1.5 hours and change diapers. Before bed time, I cool aquaphor in fridge and apply it liberally.

    7. I keep her skin covered in cotton sleep n plays all the time and trim her nails.

    8. I tried excluding items from my diet (exclusively breastfed) such as diary, fish, soy, nuts, wheat, eggs etc but so far it does not show any difference as such.

    9. I have taken an appointment with pediatric dermatologist in a month but I think they might just prescribe a higher potent steriod which I want to avoid.

    10. She has no oozing/infection (thank god) yet.

    I was wondering if any of your babies (I wish not) had such stubborn eczema that did not respond well to treatment and if they outgrow it sooner or later. will make me feel better to know. I am reading up all I can on eczema but I dont think I will find any magic cure.

    I am trying aveeno colloidal oatmeal baths these days. But she still has incredible itching and red inflammed skin.

    Any tips for me? similar experiences?


    • ANSWER:
      1: Do not give her a bath every night, that's one of the biggest mistakes you can make with a baby that has real severe eczema. You need to give her a bath every other day or less, it should also only run 5 minutes longer or less. You only need to wash her privates,arms and legs...everything else can be washed like a "bird bath". Do not use any Johnson and Johnson products..that brand is for babies with normal skin in which your little one does not. I use Aveeno body wash with my son and it's nice and thick and doesn't irritate his skin. Makes sure the water is warm not hot. When you get her out of the bath do not rub the towel on her but rather dab her with it and make sure she is extra dry.
      2: After her bath or any other night that you are not bathing her be sure to lotion her at least 3 minutes after her bath, that way you keep the moisture into her skin. We use a combination of Aveeno baby eczema body lotion and Crisco...yes Crisco... it is the best thing ever. Our son has eczema real bad and it is the only thing that actually really really works with him. I highly recommend you use it. We apply this moisturizing combination 3 times a day; Breakfast,lunch and dinner time frames.
      3: Do not use Dreft unless it is unscented...and mostly make sure you are not using fabric softener...that can also cause break outs.
      4: You can give oatmeal baths but only once a month is recommended.
      I have also heard that using Vaseline can work too instead of the Crisco if you are not comfortable using the Crisco.
      I'm glad to hear that your doctor has made an appointment for the dermatologist because the fact that your baby has had it this long with nothing working it could mean that she could have an allergy or something wrong along those lines which does need to be taken care of asap.
      The best thing to do is just keep at it, it's never really ever going to go away but it is something that can be treated..I myself have had it for 20 years and Winter is the worse...just hang in there and keep the little one on his moisturizing routine.
      Also the clothes that you are wearing can irritate her skin because of the detergent and softener that you use on your clothes so you might want to change your soaps too.
      You are doing a great job and hang in there mama bear!
      If you have any more questions be free to shoot me an email :)

    eczema flare up on face- NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!?
    Hi i was recently diagnosed with eczema about a month ago, and ive had a very good skin (except acne) until then. ive been very miserable with it, since using my dermatologist's prescription cream, the eczema was supposed to disappeear in 2 weeks. it didnt.

    today due to a final exam, i didnt have time to eat anything but a few cookies and a chocolate bar, i came home and took a shower because during the last hour of exam i started itching. like my dermatologist told me to, i took a shower, no soap, and rinsing with baby oil. i used black head nose strip, because i havent for a while
    and when i was taking it off, after 20 min i noticed that i started flaring up around my mouth! it's horrible, it looks like gravel road or something, it's all red, terribly bumpy and very itchy and burning. now it's all over my chin, upper lip, nose, around my eyes, and coming down on my neck.
    Ive never had eczema on my face! what should i do?!

    • ANSWER:
      Why get tormented, if you can have the best treatment option for eczema that suits you? Healing natural products made from the pure essential oils extracted from plants and applied topically to relieve eczema symptoms and to begin the healing process of repairing the skin.

      If you take good care of your skin and choose a course of treatment that will work, you will go a long way to keeping your eczema under control. For more information on eczema and treatments, will help you a lot to get rid of eczema quickly and safely.

    How many of you wash your NECK in the shower?
    Okay, so I was just looking at myself in the mirror and randomly I looked at my neck and then looked at it again real close up. It looked like old skin, or more like eczema. So now I am sitting here, wiping my neck with baby wipes! I looked this up on Google and found out that you're supposed to wash your neck at the same time when you wash your face. Crazy huh!

    • ANSWER:
      I also wash my neck when i wash my face, and at first it seemed so weird. Now i don't even think about it. Haha, i even put on some moisturizing lotion after. Now i smell naturally like cherry blossoms (:

    Baby with Eczema, question for any experts...?
    I'm puzzled as to what is going on with my 4 month old daughter so here is a run down:
    She started at 2 months old with a small eczema patch near her ear on her cheek and cradle cap. From there she ended up having the patch on her cheek flare up to really red and developed a patch on her neck on that same side of her face right where the lining of her clothes would touch her neck (she leaned her head to that side more than the other.)
    Around 3 months, she started getting little dry patches on her stomach and a few on her diaper area. The patch on her cheek got oozy and her neck patch also got really weepy and red. I took her to the doctor. They said it was eczema and wanted me to eliminate Dairy from my diet. She is strictly breastfed. I had already eliminated dairy two weeks before that after a bought of bloody stool and mucous stools after a weekend of many cheesy things.
    After the doc visit and immediately starting eliminating nuts, soy, egg, corn, wheat, citrus, etc... it QUICKLY spread and covered her entire torso the worst of all. Her torso was flamming red, she had some patches on her thighs, in the creases of her limbs, etc.
    As I said, this seemed to spread almost over night after the doc visit.
    I called the doc every day and they kept telling me that it will take time for the offending food to get out of her system and to stick with my diet.
    After the 3rd day of phone calls to the doc they called in a .02% steroid cream for her. I had been doing vanicream, baby aveeno, cetaphil, aquafor, etc etc and it just seemed to keep spreading. The cream helped immensley and we are constantly moisturizing her (like 4 times at least a day and baths every other day.)

    Basically my question is this, my husband feels that it was more likely something topical that caused her flare because the worst part was all over her torso where she is always covererd (she wears onesies a lot), where the doctors say it was something i was eating.
    I was using an all natural detergent but it was scented. I have since switched to "free and clear" detergent and done what I stated above.

    Sorry to ramble, bottom line is do you think it is more likely food related or an allergy to something topical?

    • ANSWER:
      Both my kids get eczema, my son, in patches that come and go and get during winter, but rarely weep and flare really badly. My daughter, however, got it so badly on her face that she looked like she had a deadly or contagious disease. Poor thing. Other than steroids to get rid of it and then mosturizing the heck out of it to keep it at bay, we use aquaphor and mustela's stelatopia cream - both of which work wonders in my book, I blame my daughter's horrible flare on detergent.

      I knew beforehand that this was a potential problem since I already had one rash-prone child, so I used All's free and clear from the get go, which worked fine for my son. Apparently, even that was too harsh for her, as when I switched to Dreft, which actually is scented, go figure, the problem relatively disappeared.

      Since your daughter's started on her face, in a place where she typically rested her face/head, it could be topical irritants, either alone or combined with food allergies. My daughter's began like that, a small patch where she usually rested her head on the Bjorn that quickly spread. Of course, the bloody/mucousy stools seem more internal than external.

      Has the switch in detergent's helped? Have you tried Dreft? I never would have thought that something scented would be easier on eczema-prone skin, but for whatever reason it was for my daughter, so that may be an option for you if you find the regular free and clear is still too harsh. It can't hurt to go at it from both ends -- food elimination and detergent -- just to try and get her back on an even keel as quickly as possible.

      good luck. I hope your daughter feels better soon.

    Baby eczema, acne, and cradle cap?
    My baby is 4 weeks old and has such a severe case of it, in my opinion.
    Her skin is flaking near her nose,under her lip,on her ear, and near her eyebrows.
    Her skin feels so rough and her face is so effected.
    It started with little bumps that looked like an irritation, but the doc said it was normal, but it just kept getting worst and worst after her appointment.
    The small bumps that were there initially are also getting to her neck, chest, arms and legs.

    Has anyone's baby gone through this?
    How long did it take for your baby to grow this out?

    Btw, she doesn't seem like this condition bothers her at all.

    • ANSWER:
      my son has eczema and he has to have a prescribed lotion from his doctor, i was born with it and he has it like 3x worse than i do. and the best thing for cradle cap, i bought this stuff from walmart that has winnie the pooh on it and the bottle is green im not for sure what its called but it works and it will eventually go away, and baby acne is normal that will also go away eventually

    My 7wk old baby has a lot of small red bumps on his face could this be heat rash?
    First I thought it was baby acne, but it is a whole lot of red bumps on his face and neck. I will be taking him in to the dr tomorrow I want to make sure it is not eczema. Do you think he needs to see a dermotologist could a regular MD treat this? What could I do to make it go away?
    Also he has had this for more then a few days it could be like a wk now.
    Also he has had this for more then a few days it could be like a wk now.

    • ANSWER:
      If he's drooling, it could be the excess saliva irritating his skin in combination with the heat. His dr should be able to figure it out so you shouldn't need a dermatologist. Try to keep his skin clean as much as possible with just a wet cloth.

    HELP! eczema cures???? dry skin help?
    ok so i am 13 and have had eczema since i was a baby. its ALL over my face, neck, arms, and legs. i loose sooo much sleep over it and it bleeds and it is really painful. i also have etremely dry skin on my face and neck. i am so sick of this!!!!!!


    1. i am also obsessed with makeup and i can hide the redness pretty well but sometimes my foundation looks cakey. i use clinique super moisture makeup and it works pretty well and soothes my skin kinda too but if anyone knows a really good foundation for dry skin that woud be good :)

    2. what foods should i avoid if that helps, i kno dairy and soda is bad but what else
    and what foods are good?

    3. should i be taking any vitamins or flax seed oil or anything

    4. will staying hydrated help with this? i try to drink 3 liters of water a day but that still doesnt make my skin moist. how much water should i drink?

    5. MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!!! how can i cure this awful condition!!! any creams or cleansers or oils or medicines like pills?? ive been to many dermatoligists and i have percription creams that i have used for years that dont do anything at all.


    THANK YOU!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    • ANSWER:
      hi, firstly my mum used clinique for a short while, apparently good for sensitive skin but was the worst brand she had ever used... don't believe the sales hype.
      my daughter had excema (she's nearly 15) since a baby and uses nivea cream for under her make up. the excema is pretty much cleared up but still sensitive skin, skin will get naturally a bit more oiler when you are in teens and onwards (the kids that had 'normal' skin will be getting greasy and breakouts).

      Fish oil.... i too had excema when little and mild til i was 45, as i'd had three miscarriages in a row i decided to try fish oil as preventative, had about 12 capsules a day for first three months of pregnancy (and this pregnancy did go full term and have a gorgeous little girl now). The unexpected side effect is my excema disappeared, never returned (stil take two fish oils a day).

      My daughter took the kids fishoil capsules for asthma and excema and that helped her too (no more ventolin when started on this).

      Creams that you put on top of the skin in my opinion are not good for excema, the moistness makes the skin vulnerable to secondary bugs, germs and fungi like breeding in the moist conditions and make it worse. I put curash powder (baby powder with zinc) on my daughter when on the spots that were getting red or itchy and that worked, the moisturisers make the skin look and feel better for a small amount of time, then the exema gets worse. Of course then people tend to put more creams on... ugh...

      So fish oil, fish oil and more fish oil.... evening primrose is good to add too for girls, has similar omega oils and good for pmt as well.

      good luck

    How should i treat my baby's eczema?
    Hi my baby girl is 4 months and she has got eczema since she was born. It was just under her arms, knees and neck, but it is getting worst and worst. Its all over her body and face. I have been using sorbolene and QV cream and balm every hour and i use olive oil for massage before bath and then QV wash in tub but stillits not getting better. What else should i try to control it and is warm water good for my baby or not because someone is saying that daily bath is not good for babies, it makes your skin dry but on the other hand i have heard that leave your baby in water for 10-15 mins everyday to absorb moisture for their dry skin, so i was wondeing which statement is right because my little one loves to stay in tub longer!

    • ANSWER:
      Baking soda baths are good for eczema.

    5 Month Old with Atopic Eczema?
    Hi. My 5 month old has eczema on his face, back of his neck, his arms, and behind his knees. I give him a bath once a week so his skin doesn't dry out so much, and I put lotions and creams on his throughout the day (Aveeno Baby, Aquaphor, Triple Paste, Olive Oil, and Cocoa Butter. When I do give him a bath, I use warm water and wash him with Aveeno Baby for eczema. Before I dry him off, I put a thick coat of the aveeno lotion on his body, and then dry him off after about 2 minutes.

    I am exclusively breastfeeding while giving him oatmeal with breastmilk twice a day.

    I also do not eat peanuts, fish, dairy, or wheat. Please any advice?
    I wash my baby's clothes with Dreft, and do not use fabric softener. He wears only organic cotton, and his mattress is organic also. I had eczema one time when I was 14, but that was it. I don't eat eggs or drink any milk. I take a prenatal vitamin to supplement the vitamins I am losing from not eating dairy. I really do not want to use a steroid cream.
    Oh and smoking is not tolerated in my house and I do not own any pets.

    • ANSWER:
      I had to take my 8 month old son to the doctor because nothing I tried helped his eczema. The doctor prescribed him hyrdocortisone 2.5% cream, he said to use it 3 times a day but that is some strong stuff, so I have only used it 4 times over the last 2 weeks and the spots are gone. Nothing that I bought at a store ever worked for my son.
      Eczema can be hereditary. Has anyone in your family or the fathers family had eczema or asthma?

    my 5 month old son has eczema (mostly on his face) what do you recommend?
    i was perscribed cortozone 1% but after hearing how it thins out skin im afraid to continue using it.
    i use a non scented baby wash, give him quick baths, dry him. i was told to rub his body after with vaseline to keep moisture in. it flares up mostly on his face/ cheeks, and sometimes under his neck and ehind ihis knees, he is always rubbing his face/head, or tryin to comfort himself by rubbing his face against my shirt. it kills me to see him hurt this way.

    i was told about mazon cream, is it effective? is it safe for babies???
    PLEASE help me out!!

    • ANSWER:
      Keeping your baby in the bath for longer can help because the outer layers of skin can absorb the moisture. Pat him dry, try not to rub and pat in creams or rub very gently. Dress your baby in cotton clothing and make sure he doesn't overheat as higher temperatures will make him more itchy. Keep using the medicine prescribed by your doctor, if you are concerned about thinning of the skin, make an appointment to see your doctor and express your concerns.
      You need an emollient cream to moisturise, ask the pharmacist which creams they would recommend, then you can find what works for your baby. E45 is an emollient used for eczema but there are others. You could also ask about products that can be put in the bath which will help keep him moisturised.

      You do sound worried and because of that, you will feel stressed. Try to take some time out for yourself everyday that will help you to feel calm and relaxed. Do something that makes you happy. I hope your baby gets relief soon, I also hope he can grow out of it. You sound like a great mum.

    What helps with bad eczema for babys?
    My son is 5 and a half months and he has real bad eczema, its to the point that it leaks and acouple of times it started bleeding pretty bad.. We went to the doctor and he said it was eczema he told me to put Vaseline on it which only made it worse, we went back and got hydrocortizone cream 1% and that too wasn't working..

    We've also tried Calendula cream, the aveeno baby eczema care cream, and just regular aveeno baby cream.. these also haven't helped at all.. We went to a organic store in Calgary and bought this Nature's Aid gel and it seems to help but not by much..

    We also tried changing his formula (which did nothing but make him constipated and really fussy), the laundry detergent, and his soaps.. We thought he might be allergic to our apartment so i moved in with my mom for a month to see if it'd help and it didn't..

    So is there anything else that we haven't tried that could help make him feel better, cause he's always scratching and i feel real bad for him.. He has it all over his face, arms, legs, chest, neck, back and on his scalp .. he's almost completely covered

    *My son also has Situs Inversus Totalis, which my doc said wouldn't affect his eczema*
    I forgot to add that my doctor prescribed my son Prednisone, which he was on for a week he had to take 7 mils a day .. during this time he was completely cleared up but his skin was still on the dryer side.

    But by the next morning after he was done taking it his eczema came back
    I forgot to add that my doctor prescribed my son Prednisone, which he was on for a week he had to take 7 mils a day .. during this time he was completely cleared up but his skin was still on the dryer side.

    But by the next morning after he was done taking it his eczema came back
    He was on Goodstart to begin with and we changed it to Enfamil Lactose Free, but we switched him back to goodstart..
    We use that oatmeal bath stuff for him, and it doesn't seem to do anything..

    and being in Saskatchewan any prescriptions for kids don't cost anything.. or at least I don't pay anything

    • ANSWER:
      I have suffered with this my entire life at age ten I moved to Arizona and had no skin irritations while there....the weather there has a lot to do with it. It is the moisture in the air. Also there is this stuff called cerava body lotion and bath wash buy both and use daily will take redness away stop itching and clears skin after everyday use for about two weeks might have to order it online up there in Canada. Good luck and god bless I know how painful and irritating it is and feel for u and your son :/ you are good parents for trying everything you have...

    I need advice on treating my 8mth old daughter's eczema?? She's only had it 4wks..?
    Well it's just gotten worse overnight, I have 0.5% cortizone cream from the dr but I don't like to use it all the time. I've been using it for 3wks now (is that too long?). So the last 4 days I stopped using it and just used Gaia Zinc and Vitamin E cream, and it seemed to be fine. But then overnight she broke out all over the side of her face, neck, and chest. I did rug her up before she went to sleep because the temperature drops quite dramatically overnight and she kicks blankets off when I put them on. Do you think maybe she was too warm at the beginning of the night? and that caused the breakout? I was using paw paw ointment before I went to the dr's and got the cortizone cream, and that worked quite well also, as long as I put on a few times a day.

    What are some tips for handling babies with eczema? And do you think it is eczema if it only developed a month ago? She never had any real problems before then... and there's no family history of it on mine or dad's side of the family....

    • ANSWER:
      eczema can be sign of a food allergy. Have you introduced a new food lately? My son was allergic to milk for a while and would get eczema from it. I took him off all milk products until he was 12 months and that stopped the eczema. When he did have it I would put cortizone cream on twice a day, make sure his skin was dried well after his bath and put lotion on as well. I really liked the aveano lotion. If he had it on constantly he would clear up pretty quickly, but his case was not that severe.

    cure for redness caused by eczema? please help me!?
    ok so i have eczema on my arms, neck, and face. it kills me to look in a mirror because my face is red and splotchy.
    eczema causes dry skin as well but for the most part my skin is pretty moist.. my doctor gave me elidel and i hardly ever use it but i read that it releives eczema flares? i also use the clinique 3 step system and i am level one. i also use the vaseline creamy formula ointment religiously. and the redness comes and goes but is there most of the time :(
    and its itchy and has dry spots and i cant even sleep through the night because i scratch scratch scratch!!
    i am miserable and i have had eczema since i was a baby
    i take zyrtec too
    i just wanna know if certain foods agrivate my eczema or any cures u know
    please if you know anything HELP ME! thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      eczema is a medical condition that is constantly reoccuring. there is no way to cure it. you can cure a 'flare' but in a few weeks or month, you'll get another flare again.

      why are you hardly using the elidel? you need to apply it twice a day to all affected areas to calm the redness. protopic is also really good- you need to use what the doctor recommends and only exactly how she says to use it

      moisturizing everyday and using a moisturizing soap (like dove for sensitive skin) will help, but it won't cure it.

    Baby acne, allergic reaction, eczema..?
    My daughters drs says its just baby acne and it will pass... Something tells me that's just not right. Here's a link with a photo (I hope it works right):

    It really seems to bother her, and its like that all over her face, up in her scalp, and around the back of her neck.

    • ANSWER:
      When your touch the red patches, do they feel bumpy? does your baby seem to put her hands to her face more often than usual? My son has eczema (he is 3 months old) and those were the signs of it. his doctor recommended using Cortizone oitment. try it for a week twice a day, and if the baby's skin clears up, then it is most likely eczema. I have also seen eczema cream for babies in Walmart and Babies R Us

    Eczema on a 9 month old baby?
    about a week and a half ago my son have a little bump on his ear lobe, it was kind of red, but I thought it was just a bug bite, and left it alone, 2 days later his earlobe was swollen the entire lobe was red and bumpy. I took him to the doctor on 4/4/11 and she told me he had eczema which he scratched and got infected, so she prescribed two creams for him and antibiotics. two days later, his eczema spread a little to the back of his neck and two small patches on his face now all the blisters popped and now hes whole ear lobe is covered in a really nasty looking scab as well as the other patches. yesterday we had a family friend who is a doctor come by and check him out, he said the antibiotics given to me were to weak and gave us a new antibiotic to buy and he told me to stop using the hydro-cortisone and only use the mupirocin ointment. but tomorrow its going to be a week already and i've been using these creams and nothing seems to be clearing it up. has anyone had this happen to their child? HELP!
    the first time i went to the doctor she told me that i would have to alternate between the two creams, mupirocin was to go on three times a day and the hydro-cortisone was to go on twice.

    ex: mupirocin (cream a) & hydro-cortisone (cream b) were to be applied as such: Cream A was for the morning, the Cream B for lunch, Cream A in the afternoon, Cream B at night and Cream A again before bed.

    I followed those steps exactly and gave him his antibiotics everyday. I never missed one dose.

    • ANSWER:
      the hydro-cortisone works really well
      Eczema never goes away and has no reason it shows up. It just dies down after a while.
      I STRONGLY suggest you ask your Doctor about Lupus, because that actually sounds like it instead of Eczema. keep using both creams and if your baby does have lupus then keep him out of the sun.
      Good Luck! xxx

    help me identify my baby's rash... please.....?
    ok my one month old son started getting this rash 5 days ago. well it started on the right side of his forehead. i wasn't sure what it was and i thought it was something he was allergic to. we had recently added fabric softner to our clothes and figured it was that. well i bathed him and put clothes on not washed with that. the rash went away within an hour. we went to sleep and the next day there was nothing. 2 days later i had him wrapped up for his nap and when he woke up i fed him and i noticed a rash on the left side of his forehead/temple area. the rash is like a cluster of bumps. both time the bumps went into his scalp. well like before i tried to figure out where this outbreak came from. i thought it was an allergy again but i narrowed that possibitity out. i then thought maybe it was heat rash b/c i took him out of his onesie he had on while i prepped a bath for him. well in the few min i was away his rash subsided. as i was still gettign things ready for a bath my mom picked him up and was carrying him around well the rash picked back up again on the side of his head that was against her skin. we figured it was heat rash. i bathed him and put him down. the rash seemed to have gone away. not fully. well over the days it just got worst. now it's all over his face. today it progressed to his neck area. i don't think it's an allergy b/c we narrowed it all out and wouldn't the rash spread all over his body? well, i figured baby acne but would it come and go within a few min like described? or baby eczema but it's not dry or scaly. baby seborrhea but it's not dry either. can you help me figure out what this is. i am taking him to the doc on monday but just for now i just want to have an idea if anyone has gone thru this.

    • ANSWER:
      Your baby is fine. Every baby is going tru this, nothing wrong with this. I wanted to show my baby to the doc when I saw that rash but it went away and appeared couple days later and now it's completely gone. This is cause by hormones that baby gor from mom.

    Mild Eczema. I want rid of it, help?
    I've always had mild eczema since i was a baby. I'm 16 now and what's really bothering me is the dryness and irritation on my neck and lower face (mainly round the lips), it really isn't much of a big problem anywhere else. I'm trying to eat more fruit and veg recently and drink more fluid but does anyone have any really good tips or products to suggest? I'm willing to do extensive stuff to get it under control, it really wasn't this bad this time last year.

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately water and vegetable intake will have no effect on your eczema. There are no cures for eczema, only managements. Here are a list of dos and don'ts:

      Things not to do:-

      Don't use biological powders
      Don't use fabric softeners
      Don't use soap or detergents to wash with
      Don't use standard shower gels or bath additives

      Things to do :-

      Try Fairy Snow -the old fashioned powder
      Use dryer balls
      Use a soap free cleanser to wash hands etc.
      Use a moisturising shower gel like Oilatum
      Use a moisture bath additive like Aveeno
      Use a good moisturiser like Aveeno
      Use it very frequently, you can't over-moisturise!
      Use antihistamines for itch, a non sedative one like loratidine in the morning and a sedative one such piriton at night.
      You may need to use steroids creams/ointments for flare up areas. Use the mildest you can, for the shortest time possible.

      Sorry if you knew all of that already :-(

    Help I have bad eczema?
    when i got pregnant at 18 i ended up with eczema just on my neck and arms and sometimes on my face. since having my 2nd baby just 3months ago my eczema has flared up real bad to the point that im itchy most of the time ive tryed a gluten fee diet, stopped eating dairy products and citrus fruit but it hasnt helped im now waiting to see a dermatologist about having allergy test done. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i might be able to do to help ease the eczema?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a body wash and soap product that I use, but I'm pretty sure it's only available online. Check their website. There are some testimonials that say it helps for many skin problems.

      The stuff is great, and works wonders. Again, check out the testimonials.

      Other than that, here are some tips:
      1) Moisturize after washing the skin. It seals in the moisture
      2) Avoid alcohol based cleaners and sanitizers--the Vitamin E in it makes for great soothing properties.
      3) Avoid fragrance. You don't need it!

      I think you can get free samples too

      Hope this helps!

    Baby Allergies - Advice on Some Ingredients?
    Hi! My 8 month old son recently had a reaction (hives on his face, neck, and hands) to yogurt, and also to a Nestle infant cereal that had skim milk powder, palm oil, and coconut oil. At first I thought it was a dairy allergy, but then I remembered he can drink formula with no problems, and he can also eat Mum-Mums, which have skim milk powder. So I'm not sure what it was in the Lil Ones Baby yogurt that affected him, and I'm wondering if it was the coconut oil in the infant cereal... anyways, long story short, I'm wondering if anyone out there has had similar issues and if you know if "coconut oil" would be considered a "nut"? My husband has a nut allergy, and my DS also gets eczema occasionally.

    I bought some Arrowroot cookies today but they have Palm Oil so I'm a bit nervous about it.


    • ANSWER:
      You can never tell if a baby has allergies until you take them to a doctor and them get tested.

    Please tel me if i travel to tropical country what are the steps to take care with my baby dry skin?
    HI MUMS...
    Me and my hus new to we have 21 week old baby. the summer my baby born with soft pink beutiful skin-only applied olive oil after the bath.
    2. one month-red spots face,neck chest-doctor said its normal
    3.1 1/2 months-rough and skin colour changed to dark-doctor said dry skin. applied e45 after the bath only.
    4. second month onwards the skin everywhere the red spots comes and shades every moring, evening-doctor said mild eczema-prescribed double base,hydrocortisone 1% five months no red spots,but skin is scaly,some ares rough-winter is almost iam appling emolient 50/50 and oiltatum bath oil.
    I am very stressed on her skin condition. so i planned to go back to my home country where it is hot.

    my h/w said it will go away if i go hot contries.but doctor said some get worse.

    so please mum tell me if i traveled to hot country my baby will come back with nice soft skin?

    if i go there what are the steps to be taken?
    what are the creams and sun protection creams i can use?

    sorry for my english

    • ANSWER:
      Your baby's skin should improve eventually. Use nivea sunscreen every time you go outside. At night before she go to bed use a petroleum-based cream after she has a bath. Stay away from creams with alcohol in, they will just dry her skin out more.

    Please Help my eczema Is really getting me down..?
    Now before any says thinks like you will end up looking like micheal Jackson and I shouldn't do it and blah blah blah please listen. I am 17 years old and Ive had a skin disease called eczema for mostly all my life. I am a mixed race of Black indian spanish and white. When I was born I looked like a indian baby because of my skin tone and Hair texture because my grandmother is also indian. Anyway My lost my skin tone when I was of the age of six. meaning that I use to me a light carmel skin tone and when I was diagnosed with eczema my skin gradually started to get darker because my parents didn't really nip the problem in the butt while I was still young and had a chance. so since there is no cure for my skin condition I still have my rashes which are all over my arms. And basically discolored skin. My feet are light and my legs are darker, it doesn't make since and I really hate it. Ive lost Alto of my self confidence because of the damage the eczema has left be hide.So I want advice on how I can lighten the areas of my skin where the eczema has got ton to like me arms face and neck and legs but mainly my arms. So it you guys have any suggestions that would be so very helpful thank you so much. (btw my eczema is uncontrolled now, meaning I don't itch)

    • ANSWER:

    I feel so depressed and my self esteem is going down the toilet because of eczema!! Help!?
    I'm 16 years old and I've had eczema ever since I was a baby. When I was 11 or so all of it disappeared and my skin was smooth and amazing for a few years. But then I was chosen to model something so I was told to wax my arms. I did that and after 2 months or so my eczema came back again. Really badly this time. It was on my whole arm, upto like under my shoulder, near the underarms. And under my boobs and neck and slowly it spread to the side of my face.

    The one on my arm disappeared after a while but the one behind my elbow stayed. My face and neck and the shoulder area and chest is not getting better. This is reeeeeaaaally killing me cuz now I can't wear what I usually wear because I need to hide my hideous skin. People ask me what happened? Eww..what's that? It's ugly....and all that and every time I get asked I end up in tears in the bathroom.

    Now I'm starting to get ringworms all over as a secondary infection or something. At night I scratch unconsciously and I'm used to waking up finding the back of my elbows covered in blood. The pain when washing my body is unbearable. I usually spend half an hour in the shower, not cuz i'm enjoying it but i'm waiting for my tears to dry up.

    Pleeeeeaaase tell me something that would help me fight this ugly red bitchy skin. I'm really depressed now even though I used to be a really happy person.

    • ANSWER:
      The main cause of eczema is overreaction of the immune system. Identifying certain foods, chemicals, etc can be very helpful in battling this disease. I try to avoid soy and milk products which trigger my flare-ups.
      After using number of prescription drugs I've turned to the natural treatments.
      Now I use serenaskin herbal remedies , which aim at the root of the disease - the immune system, and are steroid-free.
      After about 2 weeks of using ointment and spray my skin has been cleared up and now I just continue with eczema extract, which controls the immune system. My skin has been clear for months now.
      It is the only treatment I have found that provides me complete relief when I use it as directed.

    eczema help please help?
    I need some help with eczema,I have it pretty much everywhere except my face and neck, I'm 18 years old and I've had it since I was a baby but it's always been under control cause i've always used a 1% hydrocortisone cream. However recently I decided that I don't want to have to deal with thinned skin later in life so I decided to quit using it and I started using petroleum jelly instead for about a month and it worked great however I started to notice that I was getting small pimples which is weird cause i've never had pimples anywhere but my face. So I quit using that and tried using nothing for one night and now i'm really itchy and irritated it seems like my options are either use the cortisone cream and have thinned skin, use the petroleum jelly and get pimples or do nothing and have itchy red skin. I hate this is their any lotions that work well what can i do?

    • ANSWER:

      Yes stress is the root cause of eczema in many cases.

      I have been helping a friend get rid of his psoriasis’ on his skin, it covers about 2 square feet of his arms and hands.

      He has been spraying on 2.5 PH water for about a month now, and it is working. He is also drinking 9.5 PH water. His wife has MS, and is also drinking the 9.5 PH alkaline water, and is doing much better.

      You can get free alkaline water - place a wanted add on Place a add to ask for 8.5 PH drinking water, and hope that the person can also make 2.5 PH water. Drinking the alkaline water will help, even if you can not spray the 2.5 PH water on your skin – as shown in the video below.

      Here is a demo video to watch for the eczema cure as seen in Japan. Sorry but the hospitals in the United States and Europe are not this advanced at this time.

      Allergies to food include shellfish, garlic, and others. Stop eating things like cheese, then milk products, then anything brewed (beer, yogurt, breads made with yeast). When it goes away, then you have some idea of what you should stop eating.

      Or use the process developed in Japan, and eat what you want to.

      Exposure to UV light can also help many who have eczema. Yes walking out in the sunshine, without UV protecting sunblock on will expose your skin condition to UV light.

      Good Luck !

    Infant reflux, soy formula and ar enfamil, eczema?
    My son has infant reflux and was switched to soy based formula over a week ago. He has been spitting it up after almost every feeding. Two days ago he woke up with a few pimple like bumps on his face. Today he woke up and his face and neck were covered. The doctor diagnosed him with eczema. Could this be an allergy??? The doctor also switched his formula again to Enfamil AR. We were also told to sleep him upright and give him Maalox 4 times a day. We bought a rocker/sleeper for sleeping and started the Maalox at noon today. We also started the AR formula, but it seems tonight he is fussier than ever, but spitting up less. Any insight or info would be helpful. I just need help! I have a fussy baby that's in a lot of pain. Thanks all!

    • ANSWER:

    Infant Reflux, Eczema, Soy Allergy, Soy formula and Enfamil AR?
    My 5 week old son has infant reflux and was switched to soy based formula over a week ago. He has been spitting it up after almost every feeding. Two days ago he woke up with a few pimple like bumps on his face. Today he woke up and his face and neck were covered with the bumps and red patches. The doctor diagnosed it as eczema. Could this be due to a soy allergy and could this be one of the reasons he has reflux??? The doctor also switched his formula to Enfamil AR. We were also told to sleep him upright and give him Maalox 4 times a day. We bought a rocker/sleeper for sleeping and started the Maalox at noon today. We also started the AR formula, but it seems tonight he is fussier than ever, but spitting up less. Could the Enfamil be giving him a tummy ache? Any insight or info would be helpful. I just need help! I have a fussy baby that's in a lot of pain.
    Thanks all!

    P.S. His overall symptoms are: constant grunting/squirming, gassiness, gagging and loss of breath, waking up from naps with nasal congestion, milk gulping, spitting up (not projectile, but it does come out of his nose sometimes) and unsettled sleep

    • ANSWER:
      If you have allowed the allopaths to give your son vaccinations, you need to understand how that technology affects these small children in so many negative ways. Most likely your son does not have any of the probiotic bacteria in his gut, especially if he has also gotten any antibiotics for any reason as well as the vaccine poison injections. 3/4 of the human immune system is found in those probiotics that live in the intestines. Just one antibiotic or one vaccine kills those bacteria, leaving the infant to fend for itself. It takes 5 years for the immune system of an infant to fully develop. If solid food is given the infant before 2 years old and not breast fed, the inner lumen of the intestine does not fully close and many allergies and asthma are the result of this.

      Soy is the worst thing you can give an infant, second to pasteurized milk (especially low fat). Here's just one aspect of why you don't want to give an infant soy:

      New research suggests high concentrations of manganese found in soybean-based baby formula can lead to brain damage in infants and altered behaviors in adolescents. Dr. Francis Crinella, clinical professor of pediatrics at UC-Irvine, and Trinh Tran, a graduate researcher at the UC-Davis Department of Animal Studies, have described how the soybean plant lifts up manganese in the soil and concentrates it so that its use in soy-based infant formula can result in as many as 200 times the level found in natural breast milk.

      These and other experts believe that such high concentrations could pose a threat to the immature metabolic systems of babies up to 6 months of age. The size of the market for soy-based infant formula is held closely, and none of the producers contacted by Insight would reveal sales figures. An independent expert estimates the market for all infant formula to be about billion, with soy-based formula accounting for about 0 million of that, having doubled in the last 10 years.

      The best-selling brand is Isomil (Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories), followed by Enfamil ProSobee (Mead Johnson), Nursoy (Wyeth-Ayerst) and Alsoy (Carnation).
      According to Crinella and Tran, the discovery of potential harm from such products began in 1980 when a federal agency then called the Food and Nutrition Board established safe and acceptable values for manganese in adults, toddlers and infants.

      Permissible levels for the three age groups ranged from 2.5 to 3 mg per day for adults, 1 to 1.5 mg per day for toddlers and 0.5 to 1 mg per day for infants under 6 months. This job now is handled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which today permits 0.6 mg per day for infants, 120 times the amount found in mother's milk.

      The FDA says that in the next few months it will lower the guidelines. Ruth Welch, an FDA spokeswoman, confirms that a report will recommend a minimum of only 0.005 mg of manganese a day and no maximum for infants up to age 6 months.

      Giving soy formula to an infant is to give them the equivalent of 5 birth control pills per day. This is from the phytoestrogens in soy and the goitrogens in soy slow the thyroid down and deplete the body of it's minerals.

      If you can find RAW milk that is from a GRASS FED COW (not a grain fed cow like commercial dairy cows), that is the best thing for the baby.

      Baby formulas like Enfamil for instance contain 43% high fructose corn syrup and 10% sugar; that is 53% sugar garbage in that junk! And people feed their babies that trash? High fructose corn syrup is processed in the liver exactly like alcohol, so babies get fatty livers just like alcoholics, but without the buzz. Alcohol is actually better because it can be metabolized in the brain, but HFCS cannot!

      Please get some advice from people that know what they are talking about in regard to nutrition, not some hack doctor that has no training in nutrition and recommends vaccines, antibiotics, and formulas like soy formulas.

      good luck to you

    3 month old baby - birthmark question?
    My daughter was born with a large birthmark on the back of her head/nape of her neck. It's strawberry in colour and has lightened a little since birth but it isn't raised at all. My question is whether birthmarks can itch? A couple of times I have noticed a little blood spot on her sheet in the area that her neck would be and on closer inspection she does have a few little nicks in her birthmark. She also, continuously scratches around the back of her head/neck area on the birthmark area. She does have eczema which is related to a cows milk protein allergy but her eczema is concentrated on her face. Has anyone else had a baby with an itchy birthmark? If so, how did you cope with a baby that constantly scratches it? Should I be concerned? It has grown a little in size and somedays it seems a little redder.

    I am going to mention it to my Doctor but I wondered if any other parents knew anything?


    • ANSWER:
      a lot of babies have that when they are born
      it seems like it has something to do with the formation of a birthmark, some babies are born with normal brown birthmarks and some are born with red/pink ones. a lot of babys in my family have had that.

      it will turn brown like normal in time, the longest it's lasted was about 2 years. completelyealy normal.

      i guess if you want to know more about it ask your doctor. but its really nothing to worry about.

    My 7 week old has a red rash on his face?
    it started around his mouth and it is now on his cheeks, back of his neck and a little on his back. His face is really bad...I thought it was maybe baby acne but its not little white bumps...its a red rash...some days/times are worse than others. Does anyone have a clue what this might be? Eczema? Heat rash?
    he is breastfed

    • ANSWER:
      my little nephew (about the same age as yours) just had a pretty bad case of baby acne. It was as you just described, and it went away after 2 or 3 weeks. If it gets worse, or doesn't start to clear up in a week or so, I would call the doctor.

      My son had eczema, it comes in dry, rough patches. If it's on their face, it's usually on their cheeks (makes them look like they've got really rosie cheeks)

    I just want to know, is eczema permanent?
    Hey my name's Aly and I'm 13 years old. I've had eczema ever since I was born and I'm sick of it. I've wanted to be a marine biologist for as long as I can remember but I can't because one drop of saltwater burns the areas where I have eczema: the back of my elbow, back of my knee, my face sometimes, and my neck. I've been to almost 10 doctors so far and they've all given me medicine and I apply it all the time but the eczema never goes permanently and there are times when it gets so bad that a liquid comes out. I'm a really heavy sleeper and I don't feel a thing when I'm sleeping; I itch and itch and I don't realize until the next morning. I have to use a baby body shampoo because all other shampoos are harmful for my skin. I can't swim with dolphins even though that's been my dream forever. I have the urge to itch all the time. I can't wear scarfs nor wool. I can't stand this anymore its just too much I have to worry about things that no one should even have to think about. I have dandruff because of this eczema. I have asthma because of it which stops me from playing so many sports I love. I can't wax without getting eczema spots, that's really inconvinient especially for a girl my age. I've tried so hard to just enjoy my life and be happy with what I have but I can't take it any more. I've reached a point where I just feel like commiting suicide. I know that wouldn't solve anything and I wouldn't do that but I'm just tired of living like this. I've asked the doctors I've been to whether or not its permanent and if there's any way I can get rid of it, even if it means having surgery. I've gotten many different answers. Some said since its not gone and I've already began my teenage years then its permanent. Others have said it might go on its own. Is that true? Is there any way to get rid of this .. this .. DISEASE?

    • ANSWER:
      I have the same experience.

      These are what I did:
      1)The only antidote that I consider extremely helpful is

      Stay AWAY FROM STRESS or anything that makes you sad. Stay away from Negative People. It took me so long to realize this. The answers were not in the medical books in the 1st place.

      *Avoid Liquors and caffeine
      *Use products like cetaphil and the likes
      *Made sure to be moisturized. Use unscented moisturizers. Ideally, moisturizers that can also be used by babies. That's how sensitive our skins are.
      *If it becomes itchy, apply cold compress
      *If its is extremely itchy, apply betamethazone ointment. Do not be too dependent on it. It makes your skin more prone for breakage

    eczema vs thrush?
    My 6 wk old son has these tiny little bumps all over his face, head and back of neck. I think it itches him cuz he's always trying to rub his face. at first it was just a few scattered over his face and head and the nurse told me that its baby acne, and not to put anything on it it. I closely watched this for about a week and it started to progress and make him uncomfortable to a point where I had to go in to see the Dr. who said that it is eczema and odered pramasone (a topical cream) for it. Others who have had babies think that it is thrush, and that he should also be taking something oral. What has me concern is the fact that I heard that thrush makes the tongue white. My son's tongue is white. Has anyone's kid experience similar problem, and if so what was used to treat it.

    • ANSWER:
      This is absolutely NOT thrush.

      Thrush is another name for oral candidiasis. This means that candida (a common fungus) are colonizing your sons mouth and oral mucosa, which clearly as you described is not occurring.

      Don't listen to your Friends....take your docs advice.

      Eczema and seborrheic dermatitis or cradle car dermatitis is very common in the pediatric population. It is usually mild and your son will most likely grow out of it, and its self-limiting.

      Talk to your doc about your sons health. Its nice to get advice from friends about whether they like a particular doc or not, but as far as medical opinion ...stick to recipe trading.

      Not trying to be mean, but it can be dangerous for friends to give medical advice, if they are not properly trained, plus is causes inappropriate worrying.

      Good luck!

    What kind of rash is this on my 7 month old baby?
    My 7 month old son has this rash all over. It drives him and I crazy. He sits and scratches it all day. I wash him without soap and rub aveno eczema cream all over. I have also tried hydracortisone cream and giving benadryl. This gives him only temporary relief if any. I did take him to the Dr. but was told only to give my baths 3 to 4 times a day and use the creams. I am at a loss as to what to do. I feel so bad for him. It really does cause him a lot of discomfort. It is on most of his upper body expecially his neck, chest, back, and face. I haven't changed soap or anything like that. I did start feeding him baby food but can't seem to pinpoint anything. PLEASE HELP...Thank you ---I am trying to post a picture but it won't let me =(

    • ANSWER:

    is using topical steroid during pregnancy okay?
    I am 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I have severe eczema and have used my steroid creams (Triamcinolone and desonide) do you think it harmed the baby? ( i have used them on my face, my lower back, neck, chest, and stomach) pls help!!!
    i have no plans of using it again. I just want to know if any damage was made by my stupid move by using it once.

    • ANSWER:
      I think in small isolated areas it should be find but it doesn't sound like that. I would also wait until after your first trimester. Defin. Check with your dr. To see if it's safe and see what options you have because you don't want to be miserable either.

      Good luck!

    I am a horrible mom.....?
    My almost 5 week old baby has been breastfeeding and drinking formula. Up until a week ago she started vomiting, has eczema type rash on face and neck, plus acid reflux. Her current pediatrician, whom I am going to replace tomorrow, had me switch her formula 4 times in 4 days!!! Needless to say it has not worked and baby has been perscribed Baby Zantac (this scares me that is why I am going for second opinion, but I am treating baby cause I can't bear to watch her suffer) .My problem is, I am suspecting it might not be the formula it is my breastmilk. Either way I am cutting out the formula and I will be trying to exclusively breastfeed. I think it might be dairy and corn which I have been eating a lot of lately. Do I keep breastfeeding (eventho this food has not cycled out of my system?) or give her bottles (soy! another suspect) for 2 weeks while I pump and get rid of affected milk? I feel horrible either way cause I am making my baby sick. I feel like a horrible mom.
    I think it's breastmilk cause when she nurses on the soy (the 4rth freakin formula change) she seems OK. When she is on my breast she arches her back and whines. Not sure if that is significant but I it's hard for me to believe my breast was worse!! Also, the Pedi suggested i DON'T breastfeed cause she thought my baby had a milk allergy!! I can't wait to get rid of this pediatrician.

    • ANSWER:
      She's most likely sensitive to the formula. My son could not even tolerate soy or Prosobee and did really well on Gentlease. Try cutting out formula. Also eliminate dairy from your diet because that may be affecting her, good luck!!!

    is it rash or eczema?
    i have had eczema for a long time. it was under control for a few years and then i got pregnant and i got it real bad. doctors said it was because all the nutrients in my body that would have been keeping my skin in good condition was going to the baby. so the babys gonna be four months and i still have it real bad. i've been out in the sun, ive been useing vaseline and itch creme. i do everything the interent says to do. oatmeal lotion. sensetive skin lotion. everything.nothing is working. the worst part of it is that its on my face! i get it above my lips and on my cheeks and neck. it dosnt look like dry skin though it looks like a rash. so im not completely sure its even the ezema. does anyone know what i could have or what i could do?!!?!? please help me. it makes me depressed

    • ANSWER:
      try a Doctor that only deals with skin because somehow it sounds like a rash.

    need helop for 3 yr old...?
    my son has always had a problem with eczema...but a couple days ago...we were in the car for a few miutes...and I noticed him itching all over...I thought...well another break out...and started our usual treatment for eczema...however...yesturday he woke up...and literally had bumps all over his face,neck,scalp,arms from top to bottom...legs are covered with bumps...none on the back or belly...took him to the doctor...she said eczema...he was getting worse with itching him to the ER cuz now his eyes were getting bumps...they said eczema...gave him steroids again..I've never seen anything like this....I use oatmeal body wash....soap with no laundry soap...eucerin calming cream...and benadryl for the itching...any tips on what this could be...all i have doesn't seem like eczema
    ty very much Dorothy...and t6o the others who read the whole question...I have researched images...and find nothing close to what he has...especially since it's every where but his belly and back...just went and bought Aveeno oatmeal bath...maybe he can get relief in that way...Dorothy I will check into your tips
    ETA....these bumpas are about the size of flea bites...very few are red....some are white in color...I have no pets at all...shampooed the carpet to hopefully clear any unseen things...washed all clothing and changes in diet or soaps...his regular doctor is back home in Indianapolis...I'm visiting Florida....been here 3 weeks...not sure if the heat plays a role...but wouldn't this have started when we arrived...again I have dealt with him and eczema...I'm confused...I can't find any images on what this is...I really don't think the doctors knew...just said...hey give him Prelone syrup(steroids)....gosh..I would take this from him in a second if I could
    inj the link...his looks similar to the pic on the left side very top (pic) but the bumps are just a little more spread apart
    also the symptoms they describe don't match anything of my son...he's itching etc...and again nothing on belly,back...or butt as they describe

    • ANSWER:
      Have you all problems with reading the question? This "asker"has taken the child to the doctor and then to the ER.

      My apologies, I haven't a clue what this could be. I get reoccurring bouts of Cellulitus(don't confuse this with cellulite) and I use various creams for the different stages of this. I know that this is not in any way related to your child's problem.

      Sodocrem nappy cream helps if there is an infection, its soothing however it also dries the skin. I also use Emollient Cream to help with itching, Then when it gets to the very dry stage I use Emulsifying Ointment. All of these treatments are very cheap and effective. Skin problems are hellish to diagnose.

      Try researching gluten or dairy allergies.

      You could also try a homeopathic remedy called Sulphur, or visit a homepath. Little boys are lovely, I am so sorry that he is having this problem.

    can i come out of this?
    my baby is 10 weeks old.when she was born her skin is very pink.and she was on antibiotic for 10 days,cause she had macconium.after 10 days i went to home,and she had small red dots with white heads in the face said its normal.after some days its slowly apperd in stomach, gave me e45 and hidrocortisone.i appiled and everything cleared.on 6 week appointment doctor gave me double base and oiltum for dry 8th week my baby's skin went rough,some time red spots appering and fades away whithin 10 to 20 minitus.we rush to the doctor and doctor said its mild eczema. I am very new to this word. and i am scared worring too much.
    1.Do you think because of those cream i used, the eczema came out?
    2.Is this skin condition intrupt her developments?
    3.can i undercontol it?
    4.i heard this eczema is popular in devolopment countries. if i go to some eastern countries it will dissapper?
    please help me to come out.sorry for my english

    • ANSWER:
      Try this website.

baby eczema face and neck