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    Doctors please help me interpret HSV 1 and HSV 1 IGG test results?
    So first let me start off and say my doctor said they were negative but my results for HSV 1 IGG were .24 and for type 2 it was.10. If it was negative what are these numbers? I'm confused!

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    Herpes test results interpretation, should I get additional testing?
    My test results just came back and they were HSV-1 IgG =1.3 Positive and HSV-2 IgG 1.2 Positive. I had cold sores as a child and my partner is HSV-2 IgG - 3.5 and negative for HSV-1, what is the possibility that I had a false positive reaction.

    • ANSWER:
      you have circulating antibodies to both hsv-1(oral) and hsv-2 (genital). your partner has hsv-2 also, but no hsv-1 antibodies. looks like you both probably have genital herpes by the results you have posted here. I highly doubt it was a false postive, these are pretty sophisticated test, but if in doubt, ask for a repeat test

    What does this herpes blood test result mean?
    Hi, I got this test result from my boyfriend, but it is not very clear here. Does the result means he has both HSV1 and HSV2?

    Ac anti-HSV1 IgG positive 3.6
    Ac anti-HSV2 IgG limit 1.1
    Ac anti-HSV IgM negative <0.8

    thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      I have had this test before, and although I am no nurse or doctor or anything, I am a concerned patient. The HSV-1 I learned that if it is over 3.5, then the virus is present-- anything less, should be retested or considered wrong. He does not have HSV-2. It's negative. The HSV-1 is nothing to be concerned about--that type of herpes viral infection likes to live around the mouth area (cold sores). I would say that he should get retested though--the results seem unclear.

    Stomatitus My nephew is freaking out that he has herpes. He keeps saying oh this is gonna be a life Changer?
    He keeps saying oh this is gonna be a life Changer? A few questions. 1. What is it? Is it actually like the sexual Disease or is it a Canvur soar. 2.How long does it last and is it life long? 3. How contageous is it? We are looking for info and he is freaking my parents out with all types of information. You know grandparents. Thanks A lot.

    • ANSWER:
      Herpes comes in two "types." HSV-1 (oral herpes) and HSV-2 (genital herpes)

      #1-Herpes Simplex Virus-1 is Oral Herpes--or usually called "cold sores" or "fever blisters." About 80% of the US population has it, 56% of teens do, and by age 50, about 90% of the population is infected. Most people get it as babies when a relative with the virus kisses them, or in nursery school/kindergarten/elementary school by sharing toys, foods, drinks with others who are infected, or in high school/college by kissing others, sharing drinks, etc. While oral herpes generally affects the mouth, it can be transmitted to the genitals during oral sex. In fact, the largest increase in herpes cases today is from teens performing oral sex.

      #2-The second type is Herpes Simplex Virus-2, which affects the genitals. While it can be spread to the mouth during oral sex, it is rare because the virus prefers the genital area.

      Both oral and genital herpes are contagious and can be transmitted simply by skin-on-skin contact with the lips or anywhere in the "boxer area." Additionally, the virus "sheds," an invisible process that occurs with no visible sores but still can infect others.

      Like most viruses, there is no cure, but there is treatment. Once you are infected the virus remains in the body, where it will occasionally surface causing sores (called "outbreaks). You can suppress the virus with anti-viral meds, such as Valtrex (VERY expensive!) or acyclovir (about for a month's supply). Herpes outbreaks generally last between 5-10 days and can be very painful if they affect the genitals. Primary outbreaks of either type are generally the worst and often require medical treatment.

      Also, there are MANY people who are infected but never show any symptoms ("asymptomatic"). Many cases can be traced to someone who was infected but did not know it.

      Testing for herpes includes taking a viral culture of the actual sores within 24-48 hours of the outbreak. After that point, an IgG type-specific blood test will be given. Because everyone's immune system is different, it can take up to 4 months for a reliable test result that shows you have antibodies for the virus, indicating that you are infected with herpes. Antibodies can show up anywhere between 2 weeks-4 months. In some cases, it has taken 6 months for the antibodies to occur.

      Having herpes is a life changer, because there is always a risk that you will transmit the virus to others. For that reason, it can put a damper on sexual spontaneity. Further, because people generally don't realize it really ISN'T a big deal, those with herpes are inclined to be rejected once their herpes status is known. Herpes also requires attention during childbirth, since untreated Moms can infect the baby if an outbreak occurs during the time she gives birth.

      Having said that, there are married couples with one spouse who has herpes, and the other still does not--after 15+ years of marriage! There are many who are dating, others engaged to, others living with partners who remain herpes negative after long periods of time.

      Your nephew might want to check out the source below for REAL information on herpes by medical experts on the topic. This is NOT spam--it's from the noted Westover Heights (STD) Clinic. Just open the "View Chapters" link and you can read all you want--it's free--as is the pdf download.

      There's also a large community of folks with herpes out there on the second source--Shut Up and Post (created and monitored by "Yoshi"). Your nephew can ANONYMOUSLY communicate with those who have been infected a long time--as well as medical and scientific experts. There is NOTHING he can ask that they won't have an answer for--including questions on dating and "the telling"!

      Time to get educated!

      Hope this helps!

    What would this score on the herpes test tell you? 10 points best answer?
    HSV, IgM I/II Combination



    The doctor said he's not positive if it is or not but he's 5 points off from being positive. What does this mean?

    • ANSWER:
      Personally, it would not matter WHAT the test said. Why? Because the IgM is NOT type specific, meaning it does not tell you WHICH "type" of the herpes virus you are infected with--HSV-1 (oral herpes) OR HSV-2 (genital herpes). And since about 80% of the population tests positive for HSV-1 (cold sores), the IgM is NOT giving you any info in regard to STD status.

      Further, the IgM is positively NOTORIOUS for giving both false negative and false positive herpes test results. It also has a problem with confusing chickenpox, mono, and Epstein-Barr antibodies as herpes--and it is NOT recommended as a diagnostic tool for that reason.

      Ask your doctor to retest you using the IgG type-specific herpes blood test--or go to a clinic in your area for one. (If you ask for an STD test, it will NOT automatically be included--you MUST ask for the test!)

      The IgG is the one recommended for detecting herpes because it is "type specific," meaning it will tell you whether you have HSV-1 OR HSV-2--and will give you numbers for both of them. IF you are infected, you will show antibodies for herpes 2 weeks-4 months following exposure to the virus. Because some people take longer to develop antibodies than others, in general a test taken 3 months AFTER exposure to the virus is reliable.

      Of course, if you have an outbreak, then the easiest way to test is a viral culture of the sore--taken 24-48 hours of the sore appearing. That is the FASTEST way to get a diagnosis!

      For info on testing, check out the Herpes Handbook link I'm enclosing--it's NOT spam, it's free, and pay particular attention to the symptoms/diagnosis/TESTING part of the manual!

    What would this score on the herpes test tell you? 10 points best answer?
    HSV, IgM I/II Combination



    The doctor said he's not positive if it is or not but he's 5 points off from being positive. What does this mean?

    • ANSWER:
      Personally, it would not matter WHAT the test said. Why? Because the IgM is NOT type specific, meaning it does not tell you WHICH "type" of the herpes virus you are infected with–HSV-1 (oral herpes) OR HSV-2 (genital herpes). And since about 80% of the population tests positive for HSV-1 (cold sores), the IgM is NOT giving you any info in regard to STD status.

      Further, the IgM is positively NOTORIOUS for giving both false negative and false positive herpes test results. It also has a problem with confusing chickenpox, mono, and Epstein-Barr antibodies as herpes–and it is NOT recommended as a diagnostic tool for that reason.

      Ask your doctor to retest you using the IgG type-specific herpes blood test–or go to a clinic in your area for one. (If you ask for an STD test, it will NOT automatically be included–you MUST ask for the test!)

    What does it mean when you receive a report from your MD from your blood work that your HerpeSelect1 ELISA+ ?
    What if you receive a blood test result of HerpeSelect 1 ELISA IgG of H 5.63 ? ( The normal range is less than 0.90)? Please explain exactly what this means. Can this be treated or transmitted? If so, how?

    • ANSWER:
      I was exposed to the herpes virus as well and just got back from the doctor.

      As soon as the doctor told me that what it looks like down there is herpes.. I freaked. She calmed me down by reassuring me I can still live a normal life with sex!

      The girl that answered this question first is wrong!

      HSV can still be spread even if somebody isn't having an outbreak, but the chances are reduced. That's why it's really important to always use a condom.

      People with HSV can still have children because antibodies are produced to prevent it from being passed on to the baby.

    is it possible to have herpes out breaks but not show up in a blood test?
    Ive had what seemed to fit the description of herpes 4 times in the past 2 months;red itchy bumps on my shaft with some pain in the urethra. i was tested for herpes and all other stds a week ago and the came back negative.what could this mean?

    • ANSWER:
      The fastest way to get diagnosed is for the doctor to culture sores, but the testing MUST take place 24-48 hours following the outbreak or you are very like to get a false negative result.

      IF you are exhibiting symptoms, it is very possible that you are infected but your blood is not yet showing the antibodies for the herpes virus--which can differ according to your body's ability to fight the virus. Herpes often does NOT show up for 2 weeks-4 months following exposure to the virus. A reliable test result via the IgG type-specific herpes test (tests for both HSV-1-oral herpes/cold sores, and HSV-2-genital herpes--is usually 3 months following exposure to the virus.

      The source below will answer a lot of your questions regarding testing. It is produced by one of the nation's best STD Clinics--is NOT spam, and is totally free. Many people have found it very helpful when discussing testing options and results with their doctors.

      Hope this helps!

    how do you know if u have herpes and never had symptoms and your blood test is negative?
    like i dont know if i have herpes i mean i just took a test and came out negative for herpes simplex 2 but what if i have it ?i dont want to transmitted anywhere else in my body what should i do? how do i know i dont have it for sure is there like a way? im thinking of testing myself in a month and then in 4 months if i have herpes i should have a sign of it right?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to be specific about WHICH blood test you are using. The IgM is notoriously bad at detecting the TYPE of herpes you have, because it often confuses chickenpox, mono, Epstein-Barr infections with two other TYPES: HSV-1 (oral herpes) and HSV-2 (genital herpes).

      IF you took the IgG type-specific herpes blood test (which tells you which "type" herpes you have), then you will get a valid test result by about 3 months post-exposure. (If you test positive for HSV-1, it may show positive--but it can be either an oral OR a genital infection.) The antibodies can show up anywhere between 2 weeks-4 months after exposure, depending on how efficient your own immune system is at fighting the virus. Typically, a result at 3 months after your suspected exposure or last sexual experience can be relied on.

      And, NO, some people do not have symptoms. Know a person who just tested positive through a routine STD test (2 tests!) and has yet to have any physical or visual symptoms of the virus.

      Check out the source for more info on testing processes.

      Hope this helps!

    What does an IgG and IgW Blood test, test for? Is this the same blood work run on a Standard STD?
    Could these tests have been missed on a standard screening? I have a friend who is pregnant and was told her was exposed VERY recently to the herpes virus. She is faithful to her partner, and is trying to do some homework before she comfronts him about it.

    Also, is there something else that could cause this test to test positive for herpes and not really have it?

    • ANSWER:
      The IgM (not IGW) test is often used to detect herpes and other viruses--but it is not reliable and often confuses antibodies to previous cases of chickenpox, mono, Epstein-Barr, etc., for the other sexually-transmitted herpes viruses (HSV-1-oral herpes/cold sores, and HSV-2-genitla herpes). If the doctor got a "hit" on the IgM test, they may have also used the sample to run the IgG test (below) to double-check the results.

      The second test, the IgG "type-specific" herpes blood test can tell you which "type" of the virus you have (HSV-1/HSV-2) and whether you are infected. It specifically identifies HSV-1 (oral herpes/cold sores) as well as HSV-2 (genital herpes). It would not be uncommon for your friend to show positive test results for HSV-1, since about 80% of the population tests positive for it. (The test cannot tell you, though, if you have cold sores on your lips--or on your genitals, passed there by oral sex.)

      These tests are NOT INCLUDED in the standard STD testing--they are extra. The doctor wants to know prior to birth whether your friend is infected so she can protect the baby by giving your friend antiviral meds beforehand. Also, many people are totally asymptomatic (show NO symptoms) for herpes, so it could be that she's been infected all along and did not know it.

      I'm enclosing a source doc for her to read--it is the Herpes Handbook. If she does NOT have HSV-1 (oral herpes/cold sore) according to her test results, then she is infected with HSV-2 (genital herpes). In either case, this free book (not spam) will answer her questions, including questions about testing, pregnancy, etc.

      Hope this helps!

    Can a vaginal swab detect herpes?
    I was wondering if a swab, collected from the vagina, can definitively detect genital herpes, even if the patient is not displaying symptoms? Also, what is the best method to ask for from a doctor?

    • ANSWER:
      Not reliable--at all.

      A swab of a herpes sore or lesion must be taken 24-48 hours at the time of the outbreak--or the results are not reliable. A false negative for herpes will result once it is past that time frame, making you think you are not infected, when you actually are.

      The IGG type-specific herpes blood test is the standard for detecting a herpes infection. The good part is it detects both Herpes Simplex Virus-1 (HSV-1/oral herpes/cold sores) as well as HSV-2 (genital herpes). (Testing frame is crucial. The test is generally taken 4 months following the suspected infection to get the most accurate result. If it is taken before that time, a FALSE NEGATIVE is likely to occur, because the blood does not yet show the antibodies indicating the infection.)

      However, HSV-1 is not restricted to the mouth--it is often passed to the genitals via oral sex. HSV-2 is rarely transmitted to the mouth.

      So if the doctor says that your IGG blood test positive for HSV-1 (but not HSV-2), and you are having outbreaks in the genital area, it is likely that is where the infection has taken place--not the mouth.

    Igm test herpes negative after a year?
    Ive doing some research and heard the igm test is unreliable for herpes. Anyways, I was wondering if I took the an igm test after a year of exposure and the results came back negative if that's reliable? Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      The IgM simply is NOT a good test for detecting herpes. It often confuses antibodies from mono, chickenpox, and Epstein-Barr as herpes types 1/2. Most doctors in the know do not even use it anymore because it is notoriously unreliable.

      The test you should be taking at this point is the IgG type-specific herpes blood test, which detects ONLY HSV-1 and HSV-2 antibodies in the blood sample.

      For more reliable information, check the source below from the Westover Heights STD Clinic (NOT spam!). It will tell you EXACTLY what tests you need to take to get a reliable diagnosis.

    Can you get cold sores around your vagina?
    My ex has cold sores on his lip he performed oral sex on me the other day and now I have sores down there....is it just cold sores

    • ANSWER:
      You have contracted HSV-1 (oral herpes/cold sores) in the genital area.

      Oral sex now accounts for the largest numbers of new genital herpes infections in the U.S., among teens and young adults. Although it is a different "type" of herpes from HSV-2 (genital herpes), it causes the same outbreaks and issues that you find in people with HSV-2.

      You are going to need to see a doctor within 24-48 hours of the outbreak and let them run a viral culture on you so they can confirm that it is herpes. Past that point and you will have to wait on a blood test--the IgG type-specific herpes blood test. Unfortunately, it can take 2 weeks-4 months for you to show antibodies to the virus that indicate you are infected. If it is taken too early, you may get a false negative test result because your body has not yet produced the antibodies.

      Then the doctor will prescribe antiviral medications for you to take to lessen the outbreak problems and speed healing. He will initially prescribe Valtrex--but it is very expensive, about 0 a month. You may want to ask for another prescription for acyclovir--it's about for a month's supply at Walmart/Kmart/Walgreens.

      If you are infected, you can now pass the virus on to others even when sores are not present. This means you need to educate yourself for the future. I'm including a link to the Herpes Handbook, an online book produced by Westover Heights (STD) Clinic so you can educate yourself about testing, preventing transmission, medications, etc. It is NOT SPAM!

      I'm including another link to Shut Up And Post, a support site for those with herpes. There is information, and you can also anonymously sign up to post questions on the Forum/Message Board and receive answers from others who are infected.

      Hope this helps!

    Female positive hsv culture(not type specific), negative igg blood test?
    I got a positive hsv culture in early September 2010, not type specific. I went for an igg blood test march 23, 2011 (6 months later) and got negative blood results? Hsv-1 = 0.57 and Hsv-2 = 0.02
    why would this happen? Anything under 0.9 is supposed to be negative? I have not had another outbreak since the first in September, which only had 3 little red bumps, it was very mild.

    • ANSWER:
      Blood tests for herpes provide less accurate results, as viral loads can fluctuate. It's more accurate to swab an active lesion or outbreak for the virus. If you've had a previous herpes outbreak, then you have the virus. The virus will always be in your system, and outbreaks can be triggered by several things such as stress or pregnancy. Anti-virals can be prescribed to you to keep the virus more controlled and keep outbreaks less frequent.

    what are the different types of herpes?
    is there a cure for any type of herpes? what would you do if you were diagnosed with herpes?
    i just need as much info as i can get. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Formal name: Herpes Simplex Virus, Type1 and Type 2

      Herpes culture; Herpes simplex viral culture; HSV DNA; HSV by PCR; HSV-1 or HSV-2 IgM or IgG; HSV-1; HSV-2; HHV1; HHV2

      Herpes simplex testing is performed to identify an acute herpes infection or to detect herpes antibodies, an indication of a previous exposure to herpes. One of the most common viral infections, herpes simplex virus (HSV) exists as two main types, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both types are contagious and periodically cause small fever blisters (vesicles) that break to form open lesions. HSV-1 primarily causes blisters or "cold sores" around the oral cavity and mouth, while HSV-2 usually causes lesions around the genital area; however, either one can affect the oral or genital area.
      The herpes simplex virus can be passed from person to person through skin contact while the sores are open and healing and sometimes asymptomatically when there are no visible sores. HSV-2 is frequently a sexually transmitted disease, but HSV-1 also may be acquired during oral sex and found in the genital area.

      When someone is first infected, he or she may have obvious and painful blisters at the site of infection, which usually appear within two weeks after the virus is transmitted and usually heal within two to four weeks. The blisters can appear in the vaginal area, on the penis, around the anus, or on the buttocks or thighs. This primary episode can include a second outbreak of blisters and even flu-like symptoms of fever and swollen glands. However, not everyone develops blisters and sometimes symptoms are so mild that they are unnoticeable or mistaken for something else, such as insect bites or a rash.

      While there is no cure for herpes, antiviral medications are available that suppress outbreaks and shorten the duration of active shedding of virus and of symptoms,

      HSV testing detects either the virus itself, its viral DNA, or antibodies to the virus. During an acute primary infection or reactivation, the virus may be detected by:

      Herpes culture. A sample of fluid is collected from an open sore (the most common sample). It is incubated in a nutrient environment to grow and isolate the virus. This test is sensitive and specific, but it takes 2 or more days to complete. Fresh lesions are the best for this test. Viral shedding decreases over time and can lead to a false negative result. Once the virus is grown in culture, it is possible to determine if it is HSV-1 or HSV-2.
      HSV DNA testing. Can be done to detect HSV genetic material in a patient sample. DNA testing is usually done only if the culture is negative but the physician still suspects herpes or if the patient is being treated for herpes. This method can detect the virus as well as identify the type and is good in circumstances where the virus is present in low numbers (such as viral encephalitis) or if the lesion is several days old. This is the best method to detect HSV meningitis, encephalitis, or keratitis because this method is more sensitive.
      HSV antibody testing. Antibodies to HSV are specific proteins that the body creates and releases into the bloodstream to fight the infection. HSV IgM antibody production begins several days after a primary (initial) HSV infection and may be detectable in the blood for several weeks. HSV IgG antibody production begins after HSV IgM production. Concentrations rise for several weeks, fall, and then stabilize in the blood. Once someone has been infected with HSV, they will continue to produce small quantities of HSV IgG. HSV antibody testing can detect both viral types (HSV-1 and HSV-2), and tests are available that can detect the early IgM antibodies as well as the IgG antibodies that remain forever in those who have been exposed.

    herpes igg test positive 1.25 anitbodies. does this mean i have herpes? what should i do? ?
    i havent have an outbreak yet but i rtecently tested for herpes hsv and hsv 2. the results came out positive for hsv 1 at 1.25 antibodies. Does this mean i have herpes? Should i start taking medicine right away? what medicine should i start using? how can i know where exactly i have it?

    • ANSWER:
      The numbers are meaningless without more information about the test you had done. If a IGg test came back POSITIVE, then you have Herpes. Sorry.

      There are medications that help reduce viral shedding and can reduce the odds of you giving herpes to someone else by about 50%.

      You won't know where you have the disease until you have a breakout. HSV1 usually shows up in the mouth. You can get it/give it genitally via oral sex, so you will want to use dental dams in the future.

      Approximately 80% of the United States has herpes simplex 1... so to be honest, it's not that big of deal. Most people have herpes and just don't know it.

    I am iGg negative but IGm positive and my swab test came positive hsv1?
    Does this mean I just got the herpes virus

    • ANSWER:
      The important part of these results to understand is the difference between IgG (immunoglobulin G) and IgM (immunoglobulin M). Both of the antibodies play a role in fighting off infection.IgM antibodies are those that your body makes upon first being exposed to an antigen (like the herpes simplex 1 virus); this response is predominant in the body until enough time has passed for the IgG antibodies to be produced.

      Upon the first exposure to an antigen, IgG takes time to be made, but are highly specific to the antigen invading the body and in that respect much better at clearing the antigen than IgM.

      After the primary response, the immune system can produce IgG very rapidly if the body is exposed to the antigen a second time. There is a "memory" of this antigen, so the appropriate IgG antibody can be produced quickly and to very high levels.

      I'm not exactly sure how to analyze the results you've receive. If there is an IgM response to the herpes simplex virus, it is likely that you are in the early stages of infection. The fact that the swab test also gave a positive result corroborates that. HSV-1 is typically known to cause cold sores around the mouth -- is that where the swab test was done? Do you currently have a sore around your mouth? If so, you definitely have the herpes virus.

      It is very possible, though, that HSV-1 can occur genitally, although it is not as common. Swab tests are known to be inaccurate with respect to strain differentiation, so if you wait several days and get re-tested, it would be likely that IgG antibodies produced by then will accurately tell which strain of the virus you have.

    Girlfriends herpes results are they high?
    Her result were HSV Type 2 -Specific Ab IgG "1.98"

    Negative 1.0

    CAn anyone tell me is this related to time of exposure and if itll go down in time

    • ANSWER:
      Worried has it exactly right. She indeed does have HSV2. She has had it for at least a few weeks - long enough for some antibodies to build up in her blood. But she has not had it for years and years. If so, her number would be higher. (Greater than 5 is the number that I've seen, too.)

      It will not go down in time. It will go UP in time. As her body continues to fight the virus, she will build up more and more antibodies to the virus.


    how to interpret this result of Torch igg and igm test ?
    Toxoplasma(igg)0.2 and (igm)0.04, Rubella(igg)82.1 and (igm)0.50, CMV(igg)>250 and (igm)0.62, HSV(igg)0.12 and (igm)0.13, I am 13 weeks pregnant
    i have been suffering from fever for last 45 days

    • ANSWER:
      The TORCH test is used to screen pregnant women and newborns for antibodies to the infectious diseases included in the panel, if either the mother or newborn has symptoms. The blood test can determine if the person has had a recent infection, a past infection, or has never been exposed.
      Consult your doctor.

    HSV 1 Ab possitive help?
    I went to the doctor and the doctor gave me this result.

    HSV 1 Ab, IgG: Positive (indicates that you have been exposed to the virus and will be possitive if you break out with cold sores.)

    what does this mean?

    • ANSWER:
      HSV means Herpes Simplex Virus. HSV 1 ia a type like HSV 2. or
      Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Types I and II. There are specific Antibodies, IgG (QHO)
      HSV-1 aB IgG >5.00 H Reference <0.90 POSITIVE
      HSV-2 aB IgG 2.12 H Reference <0.90 POSITIVE

      Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2) are two species of the herpes virus family, Herpesviridae, which cause infections in humans. As with other herpesviridae, herpes simplex virus may produce life-long infections.

      They are also called Human Herpes Virus 1 and 2 (HHV-1 and HHV-2) and are neurotropic and neuroinvasive viruses; they enter and hide in the human nervous system, accounting for their durability in the human body.

      HSV-1 is commonly associated with herpes outbreaks of the FACE known as COLD SORES or fever blisters, whereas HSV-2 is more often associated with genital herpes.

      An infection by a herpes simplex virus is marked by watery blisters in the skin or mucous membranes of the mouth, lips or genitals. Lesions heal with a scab characteristic of herpetic disease. However, the infection is persistent and symptoms may recur periodically as outbreaks of sores near the site of original infection. After the initial, or primary, infection, HSV becomes latent in the cell bodies of nerves in the area. Some infected people experience sporadic episodes of viral reactivation, followed by transportation of the virus via the nerve's axon to the skin, where virus replication and shedding occurs.

      There is no cure yet, but there are treatments which reduce the likelihood of viral shedding.

    what is herpes? how do I know what kind of them I have too?
    what kind of herpes do I have?

    • ANSWER:
      There are currently five ways to diagnose herpes. It is unlikely that your doctor will know about all of them. Thus, it will be to your advantage to print out this page and take it to your physician’s office when you go for testing. In addition to identifying whether an individual is infected with herpes, a test ideally should also provide 2 other pieces of information: 1) location and 2) the type of herpes simplex (HSV-1 or HSV-2). Type and location are important for assessing transmission risks (e.g., partners with the same type of HSV are unlikely to contract the same type again [regardless of locale]. However, they have a good chance of contracting a new type of simplex).

      1. CLINICAL EXAMINATION and an assessment of your previous symptoms (history) are very poor at detecting herpes. HSV symptoms are easily confused with other diseases (even by experts) or may present atypically (redness rather than sores), so it’s quite possible to get an incorrect diagnosis on this basis alone.

      2. VIRAL CULTURE - Although this test has a high rate of false negatives (~50%), it is the most valid test available. Unlike blood tests, it requires the presence of active viral shedding (e.g., open sores). This test can distinguish between HSV-1 and HSV-2 and has the advantage of being able to identify the location of infection. If you get this test, be sure that your doctor requests that the culture be typed (e.g., HSV-1) – most labs will not report type unless specified.

      3. POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION (PCR) - PCR testing also requires the presence of active viral shedding. However, PCR is a more sensitive test than viral isolation and is also type specific. PCR is now available for commercial use but it may not be available at your doctor’s facility.

      4. NON-TYPE SPECIFIC BLOOD TEST - Certain types of blood tests, like the older ELISA, will detect herpes, but it can’t distinguish between the two types of herpes simplex (HSV-1 & HSV-2). HSV-2 is the type usually associated with genital HSV infection, while HSV-1 is the type usually associated with oral HSV infection (i.e., cold sores). However, both types of HSV can infect either location. Non-type-specific ELISAs may be useful if patients have no history of HSV infection. However, because a significant proportion of the population is infected with HSV-1 (~70%), non-type-specific tests are usually inconclusive at determining secondary HSV infections (e.g., HSV-2) due to the amount of cross reactivity.

      5. TYPE-SPECIFIC BLOOD TESTS - such as the Western Blot, *Focus Technologies HerpeSelect (herpesonline.org recommended) ELISA or Immunoblot test for both HSV-1 and HSV-2 and can distinguish between the two types of HSV. Active viral shedding is not necessary (unlike PCR or Viral Isolation) in order to detect HSV infection (even if you are not currently having symptoms). There is only one U.S. lab that processes blood samples for the Western Blot (University of Washington) so you may have to wait a week or more for your results (For Canadians, the WB can be processed at lab Virdae Clinic).

      NOTE: Blood tests for the long-term IgG antibodies are generally reliable only after 12 to 16 weeks of infection. Please be aware that all blood tests have an error rate and that false negative indications are possible, while false positive indications are almost nonexistent. Within the first few weeks of infection, detection of early antibodies (IgM) may potentially be useful for diagnostic purposes (absence of IgG, but presence of IgM may indicate a new infection). IgM testing is limited in value because, at this time, it is not type specific.

      Blood Test Information:

      For information on the Western Blot, HSV Type-Specific serology, contact the University of Washington Community Services at (206) 598-6066. They can provide information on the test, ordering instructions and interpretation of the test results. http://depts.washington.edu/herpes/

      If you’re located in Canada, you can order the Western Blot from Virdae. See also their info page on the Western Blot

      Other accurate tests for HSV-2 may also be available through your local healthcare provider. The following are toll-free phone numbers that provide information about the availability of type-specific serologic assays for HSV-2:

      Type-Specific ELISA
      Focus Technologies 800-838-4548

      Anonymous testing:
      Online ordering of Focus HerpeSelect

    How do I read these HSV results?
    I recently had a herpes outbreak, not sure at all where it came from because it came out the blue! Me and my fiance haven't used condoms for the past 3 years of our relationship because I have always been on some form of bc. I thought I had a yeast infection (antibiotics and bc) but ended up having bumps everywhere down on my genitals.

    Recently tested for Type 1 and Type 2 for HSV. '
    My results are as follows:
    Component Your ValueStandard Range
    HSV-1 IGG ANTIBODY60.00< 0.90 -
    HSV-2 IGG ANTIBODY4.60 < 0.90 -

    I am so lost! Can someone please explain to me how to read this! I haven't actually had the chance to talk with my doctor yet because she emailed the results to me and she was out of the office.

    • ANSWER:
      I am not sure what test your doctor gave you or if the information you provided is complete. However I did find information on what values mean for some tests which may not apply to yours. The IGG antibody wording means you were given a test that looked for antibodies for both HSV-1 and HSV-2. The presence of antibodies means you have been exposed to and carry the virus in your body. For some tests the results are as follows:
      >1.10 is positive
      between 0.90 and 1.10 means the test should be repeated because you aren't positive or negative
      <0.90 is negative
      I found this information on the site provided. Its from the maker of one test and has a lot of info you don't need to worry about. There is a chart on the 4th page at the very top.

      You should call your doctor to verify what your own results mean and if you need treatment. There are options out there if you are positive to suppress outbreaks.

      Good luck

    I need to understand this HSV 1 test?
    I just tested positive for HSV 1, with my value at 5.30. I also had a positive culture. I have been with the same man since December and prior to him my last sexual experience was the prior July. I have suspected him of sleeping with other women for several months and recently have found tangible evidence. In July, '08, I began having what i now can describe as a tingling sensation @ my Clitoral Hood. also during that time I was diagnosed w/ Shingles (wk. 1), Strep Throat (wk.2), & i went to my OB for something not being right (tingling); she tested me for STDs (not Herpes) & they came back negative. she told me to use a vaginal cream for iritation. Ironically, at the same time I decided to leave him alone I had some vaginal tears (from sex) and bumps. All of what I considered abnormal. Additionally, the medication for Shingles is the same as Herpes. So, naturally I've told my ex about the bumps/Herpes. He denies sleeping with anyone but i want to know is this something I had prior to him. My Doctor says there is no test that can give me the length of time I've had this, but several friends have told me other wise. I was told that based on some number this info. can be guessed. Again, my results were HSV 1 IGG, EIA = 5.30 (value). Also, my clinic says if I can provide them with the name of the test to reveal this information they will do it. PLEASE HELP ME

    • ANSWER:
      i don't think that there is a test that can determine wen u were first infected, but the first outbreak of genital herpes usually comes up between 2 - 14 days after being initially infected. however, it's possible that u could have been infected earlier and you haven't had any symptoms until now, altought I don't think this is as common. some people have had genital herpes for a while and don't show symptoms, but if your outbreak was severe, then this probably means that you have just been infected. because you have HSV-1, its very likely that you caught it through oral sex. if you practice this, ask your partner if he has ever had any cold sores. also, type 1 is much less severe than type 2, and usually sufferers only experience 1 or 2 outbreaks. i have had type 1 for 6 years and have only had one outbreak, and in that type i've never passed it on to my sexual partners. with type 1, most people have no viral shedding at all in between outbreaks, and over time your body will develop immunity to it. good luck

    A few questions on Herpes?
    Results are as follows: HSV 1 IGG SPEC AB= 3.90
    HSV 2 IGG SPEC AB= 2.94
    These are positive results.
    How long does it take for a reading of 2.94 antibodies to build up?
    Should a medication be taken daily and for how long to reduce "outbreaks" from occuring?
    Will daily medication help in the transmission of spreading the virus to a partner?
    No blisters have been seen, just redness and slight pain for 2 weeks- Could blisters be present inside women?
    Since having Herpes1 first for a few years- will that lesson the amount of outbreaks of Herpes 2 considering antibodies build already for 1?
    Andy other advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      "How long does it take for a reading of 2.94 antibodies to build up?"

      Well, that's fairly subjective. Everyone will build the antibodies at a different rate. This only denotes a RESPONSE of the body, and thus, confirming presence of the ANTIGEN of HSV

      "Should a medication be taken daily and for how long to reduce "outbreaks" from occuring?"

      Once again, subjective. I have many patients who take a daily medication, because if they didn't, they would have continuous outbreaks. I also have some that will only take it for a few days at a time to supress it. Either way can work, but if you're not having breakouts all the time, then I would use an "as needed" method.

      "Will daily medication help in the transmission of spreading the virus to a partner?"

      The virus is spread during an outbreak in the affected person. Although risky, in my opinion, one could suggest that transmission is "less likely" if not having a current break out.

      "No blisters have been seen, just redness and slight pain for 2 weeks- Could blisters be present inside women?"

      Yes, very much so. Herpes infections can and will occur anywhere on the outside of the vagina all the way to the inside. This is what makes it difficult to know in women especially.

      "Since having Herpes1 first for a few years- will that lesson the amount of outbreaks of Herpes 2 considering antibodies build already for 1?"

      Not really. They are entirely different strains, but with similar presentation sometimes.

      The best thing is to be safe. Condom use and medications.

      Best of luck.

    How worried should I be with these herpes test results?
    I got an herpes blood test a couple days ago, 7 weeks after possible infection, and these are the results of the test:

    HSV 1/2 IgM....index...<0.50

    HSV 1 IgG...index...6.3

    HSV 2 IgG...index...<0.50

    An index lecture lower than 0.9 must be considered negative
    An index lecture between 0.9 and 1.1 must be considered indeterminate
    An index lecture higher than 1.1 must be considered positive

    So I know I have HSV 1. But isn't it oral herpes? All of the symptoms I've had have appeared in my genitals and my throat. I've had fever, fatigue, rashes, penil pain and swollen lymph nodes. I am very far from where I live and will visit my doctor 3 weeks from now. Since the symptoms have ameliorated, should I seek help desperately?

    Also I have other questions, hopefully you can answer them before my doctor does:

    1-What is the difference between an IgM test and a IgG test?
    2-What does the number 6.3 mean? That the virus is all over my body?

    • ANSWER:
      IgM tests are not reliable in my opinion as they can lead to many false-negatives & false-positives. IgM can only be detected in blood when the virus is active.

      IgG detects for antibodies which your body creates for any virus. Results are usually conclusive after 12 weeks after possible exposure.

      HSV 1 IgG...index...6.3 - means you have antibodies for HSV-1; therefore positive.
      HSV 2 IgG...index...<0.50 - mean you don't have antibodies for HSV-2; therefore negative.

      HSV-1 mainly causes lesions (cold sores) on our lips but it can be transmitted to the genital area by skin-to-skin contact (i.e. if a man his partner oral sex but has a active lesion, transmission is likely). Recurrences of HSV-1 are not as common as HSV-2 which primarily causes herpes on the genitals.

      HSV-1 is extremely common, most people have it but will not show symptoms. If you have no active lesions or blisters then you do not need to seek medical attention. HSV-1 is not really considered an STD unless it is found on genitals.

    herpes results. do not understand?
    HSV 1 Igg type specific AB in rANGE 0.22 out of range blank

    HsV 2 igg Type Specific in range blank out of range >5.00

    A single positive result only indicates previous immologic exposure and the level of antibody response may not be used to determine active infection or disease stage

    The lady said that it does not mean that I have but she said that sometime in my life I was exposure to it. Can somebody explain this to me so I can better understand it

    • ANSWER:
      if you have it, or was exposed to it. then you have it. as it never goes away. however it can lay dormant in your body and never show signs. i have no idea what the ranges mean as mine was diagnosed by a visual inspection.

      40% of people who have it only have one outbreak. so you could very well got, it and never even knew.

      so you might just be a carrier. but that means you can still pass it on.

    HSV Positive but still confused professional *preferred or at least acknowledged people*?
    OK, so my bro just received his blood work results. He came up with a 5.48 HSV 1 IgG, he called and they asked him if he have or had(out break, sores etc..) he said no because he never did. They told him he has to take a drug for it. It will be fine since he doesn't have the break outs.(if you asked me or us we are both confused)[note: last time he had sexual contact was about a year and a few months. according to him].

    now for the drugs,which are the ones he can take for him to be free out of it, and can he go to the pharmacy just order them or he needs a doctors approval or something,

    [note: blood work was made on a lab]

    • ANSWER:
      There is no cure for HSV. It can lay dormant in the body without causing sores. so you can be hsv positive but never recall having any symptoms.

      It's very common, having it can facilitate transmission on other illnesses such as HIV but thats not to say that because someone has herpes means they'll get hiv just that if you come in contact with hiv infected fluids, say for example semen or vaginal fluids during oral sex and you have hsv or an active cold sore it will make it easier for the virus to enter your body.
      It doesnt matter when you had the sexual contact. You can get it from kissing someone who has it. Sometimes its hard to see the herpes sore because it can be on the tongue, lips or inside the mouth.
      Avoid oral sex when you have a cold sore because genital sores are worse in pain and discomfort than cold sores.
      If you do get a cold sore, you can get zvirax and other ointments to apply to the sore to help heal it quicker............ but no meds can cure it YET.

    I need explanation on HSV-1 blood test result... Can anyone help?
    I have no knowledge on HSV at all untill recently my wife genital has an outbreak. The result of my wife's diagnosis was she was infected by HSV-1. I took IgG & IgM test and IgG shows that I have HSV-1, index of 10, which indicate as positive (range shown >1.1 is positive). Negative for HSV-2. However, I do have sex with her day before her blister become visual. I took the test 2 days after that. What is the number "10" means? How the test come out with this number? Is "10" means I have a boost on antibodies which I recently transmitted from my wife? I had fever blister inside my mouth quite often due to my working environment which I think this is how I develope antibody. Me and my wife just married 2 months ago, we never had any sex partners before. We had approximately 15 or less intercourses and oral sexes after we married. Our relationship is now being test, I urgently need to know what is the meaning of the numbers which >1.1 to 10 or more means other than "positive". Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      It's more important to know the value of the IgM. High IgM means acute and recent infection. If you have a positive IgM plus a positive IgG, then you most likely have a current, acute infection. But a high IgG number by itself (in this case 10, where any value above 1.1 is positive) indicates previous infection or exposure, and is usually a false positive because history of chicken pox can artificially cause a high IgG value.

      The second answerer was right to tell you that a majority of people have HSV-1, but it's more like 60-70%, not 90% (per CDC estimates). And HSV-1 is the strain that traditionally causes oral herpes. Most people contract it nonsexually when they are babies or children. Even if you have never had a cold sore, you could still have HSV-1. However, you did say you get fever blisters, so it's likely that you DO have HSV-1 (if you were to get tested during a blister outbreak, you'd probably find that your IgM went up).

      And since your wife is having genital blisters, then she may have gotten HSV-1 on her genitals, too. While this is unpleasant, it's good to know that HSV-1 doesn't do too well in that region, and she probably won't have more outbreaks. Still, both of you may benefit from some cyclovir medications to quell your outbreaks of fever blisters and such.

      Lastly, even if you had sex with her right before she had her blisters, you won't get re-infected with the HSV-1. You already have it, and it's already on its prefered site.

      So please don't let this interfere with your marriage. And if you've been married 2 months and only done it 15 times, then sir, you have a honeymoon to plan ;)

    Herpes test. do not understand?
    HSV 1 Igg type specific AB in rANGE 0.22 out of range blank

    HsV 2 igg Type Specific in range blank out of range >5.00

    A single positive result only indicates previous immologic exposure and the level of antibody response may not be used to determine active infection or disease stage

    The lady said that it does not mean that I have but she said that sometime in my life I was exposure to it. Can somebody explain this to me so I can better understand it?

    • ANSWER:
      If you were ever exposed to herpes, you have it.
      It looks like the lady you spoke with is very confused or not educated enough.

      The test only indicates if you are positive or negative.
      By looking at your test result you are negative. You don't have herpes, you never had an exposure.

      If your last sexual intercourse was over 16 weeks ago, the result is reliable.

    I tested mildly positive for herpes 1 help?
    ok i recently went to the doctor and was given blood tests. Itcame back mildy positive for herpes 1. but I do not know what it means. if I kiss someone will they get it?? here are my results

    hsv 2 igg herpeselect ab 0.48
    hsv 1 igg herpeselect ab 0.97

    hsv igm ab screen not detected.

    so does this mean i am mildly positive for herpes 1 but have very little detection of herpes 1 and 2 that it will not harm me???

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry to say you are not going to test "mildly" for herpes. You have it or you do not! If you have genital herpes, then you pass it through intercourse or if someone does oral sex on you. If its herpes like a fever blister type, then you can pass it when you have a fever blister through kissing and possibly you do oral to them or otherwise. No mildly or in between, sorry!

    Heath question about HSV-1 Or HSV-2 IGG Antibody Detecteion.?
    Hey everyone what's going on?

    Alright...so I went to the doctors today for a check up and I have a question if anyone understands it. I was raped when I was younger so someone I don't know who gave me gental warts. I went to the doctors for a 2nd HIV/STD testing. and I got my results. What does this mean? It is cause I've had gental warts in the past.

    EIA Explanation of test results
    1.10 Positive- HSV-1 or HSV2- IGG antibody detected

    This assay is type specific and will differentiate between HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections. A single positive result only indicates previous immunologic exposure and the level of antibody response may not be used to setermine active infection or disease stage. The equivocal result are obtained in suspected early herpes simplex disease.

    Thanks! everyone.

    • ANSWER:
      This is an explanation of how to interpret a test for herpes. There are two strains of herpes virus - HSV1, which "prefers" the mouth but can infect the genitals, and HSV2, which "prefers" the genitals but can infect the mouth.

      The test doesn't measure the virus directly. It measures your immune systems response to the virus. When you get a virus, your body fights it by creating antibodies. This test measures the level of antibodies in your blood to determine if you are infected.

      Based on what you've provided above, I believe that the following is correct:

      If the test shows an antibody level below 0.90, then "no" antibodies were detected and you have tested negative for herpes (you don't have herpes).

      If the test shows an antibody level above 1.10 then enough antibodies were detected for this to be a positve test for herpes (you have herpes).

      If the test shows an antibody level between these two numbers, then you've got an inconclusive result (equivocal). One way that this could happen is if the test was done right after you were infected, and your body is creating antibodies, but there aren't enough in your blood yet to tip you into the "positive" category. You'll probably want to get tested again in a month or so, to determine if the test was simply wrong, or if you're infected but didn't have enough antibodies in your blood to test positive yet.

      Does that answer your question? I hope so. I'm no expert in this stuff, but I have read a lot of medical articles / testing information on herpes.

      Good luck.

    Herpes Question ABOUT THE TEST RESULT?
    I took a test for herpes and I am lost on the result.
    Component Your result Standard range
    HSV 2 IGG, EIA 0.05 <0.90 -
    HSV 1 IGG, EIA5.00 <0.90 -
    1.10 Positive
    How is it 2 is Negative but One is not? Im lost please dont judge I only did it with my husband.

    • ANSWER:

    Anti HSV1 igg is reactive, I'm currently have chicken pox.?
    I went to a doctor when I saw blister on my penis, then I did a blood test.
    Later that day I'd realized that I have a chicken pox. It has been day-5 of my chicken pox now, my whole body has plenty of blister.
    Today I opened my lab report and got this result:
    HIV: negative.
    Anti HSV-1 igm: Non-reactive.
    Anti HSV-1 igg: Reactive 2.0
    Anti HSV-2 igm: Non-Reactive.
    Anti HSV-2 igg: Non-Reactive.

    Can someone tell me if I have herpes too? or the reactive result could also because of my chicken pox? I appreciate your time to read and answer. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    Do I have herpes? or just the antibody?
    I recently had a std test done and my HSV, IgM I & II Cobination results indicated a 3.98 which is positive for herpes; however, my previous test in August 09 stated that my HSV IgM AB Titer is >+1:160, HSV 1 IGG Type Specific AB 0.25, and HSV 2 IGG Type Specific AB 0.24. According to the lab, 1.10= positive so do I have herpes now? My doctor in august 09 stated that I have herpes but she cant differentiate between the two so she would have to retetest to make sure I dont have a false positive, but the doctor who I saw this month August 10 stated that he requested additional test to see which one I have....I am sooo worried! I have lupus, ulcerative colitis, and raynaud so I am not sure if this is has anything to do with it....I dont have any blisters, leisons, or any signs of HSV 2 nor have I ever had a fever blister only the common cold and chicken pops. Recently, I have reoccurring yeast and bacteria infection so I am wondering was that my outbreak? I am soo worried because I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and I dont know what to do. I know herpes can lay dormant in your body for years. Please help me understand these numbers so I can make some sense out of my situation.
    I am so worried...I am waiting on my results from my IGG test to differenate which one I might have...According to my last test, my IgM HSVI/II number was 3.98. I never had a fever blister my entire life. I had 1 to 3 hair bumps in my gential area but nothing that looked like a herpes bump or gential wart. Im so scared!!!

    • ANSWER:

    ON THE VERGE OF A BREAKDOWN. Herpes question!!!?
    I was tested for herpes in August 2007, it was a blood test. I got my IGG results back for both HSV 1 & 2. They were both negative. I've only had sex once in my entire life. That was October of 2006, and after that I got deathly afraid of having HIV, and I was proven wrong(thank God). It was almost 10 months since my "exposure" when I got tested for the herpes, so I'm probably fine. But, I'm starting to think I'm a hypochondriac, I start crying and thinking horrible thoughts about just ending my life. I'm sure I feel this way because I won't and can't forgive myself for making a mistake and having sex. Can someone please tell me, if I can rely on this test. I still have itching down there, but I kinda think it's a yeast infection. But, I've never had anything strange looking in or on my vagina. I'm just scared, and I need a little comfort.

    • ANSWER:
      I would think that you are fine and that you are mentally causing the problems that you are having. The only question that I have is "how long after you had sex for the first time did you go and get the herpes test?" Herpes can take up to 3-4 weeks to develop. I am not saying this to make you panic or doubt yourself, just to make sure. If you do the math, and everything is ok, stop kicking yourself in the ass for making a mistake. You can get tested for yeast infection.

    How do I read his blood work?
    I recently decided to have my fiance do a complete physical check up including blood work for std's including hsv 1-2 sooo too make a long story short he had never had any weired symtoms or changes although he does get cold soars in the winter,, so his results were as follow

    hsv 1 igg --- positve
    hsv2 igg----positive
    hsv igm pending

    we are sooo confused
    Im scared She basically did hand us the results dident explain much just said a current or past cold soar can cause the result to be positive were gonna have a second test re done.

    • ANSWER:

    my HSV IgG -1 result found is 5.12 & IgG -2 ,IgM found negative ,pls suggest how to reduce IgG-1?
    pls sugest how to reduce IgG-1,what are the precautions need to be taken for reducing IgG-1

    • ANSWER:

    my partner got a result on blood test?
    i would like to know if my partner got in her blood test * hsv 1 igg and hsv 2 igg * both positive. but HSV 1 IgM and HSV 2 IgM was both negative in the test, and iam worried , i want to ask is that dangerous for me and could i got that infection . plz reply me iam worried and i want to know how much that means ( hsv 1 igg and hsv 2 igg ) both positve

    • ANSWER:
      Since it is an STD you should get yourself checked out.

      An HSV is a viral infection. Symptoms are watery blisters on the skin of the genitals.

      There is no known cure for HSV infection, but treatments can reduce the likelihood of viral shedding and spread.

      Treatment usually involves general-purpose antiviral drugs that interfere with viral replication, reducing the physical severity of outbreak-associated lesions and lowering the chance of transmission to others. Research at the minute indicates that Aloe Vera may be effective against genital herpes.

    What do my HSV1/oral herpes test results mean?
    I was tested last week for all STDS, including HSV1. I just got my results earlier today, and came up negative for everything except HSV1. I don't know what my results mean and it's making me paranoid...and I can't call my doc for another 8 hours lol.

    I got cold sores once every few years growing up. No doubt about it, I definitely have had cold sores.

    My results say this: HSV 1 AB IgG
    value: positive
    expected values: negative

    what the heck does that mean?! Do I have HSV 1 or not?? I thought that having a single cold sore EVER was a 100% guarantee that you have oral herpes/HSV 1. Is this not the case? What could possibly be negative?

    Any ideas before I call my lab tech?


    • ANSWER:
      I hate to break this to you but cold sores are caused by oral herpes it's also known as HSV1, which is why you tested positive for HSV1. You may have innocently kissed some one that has cold sores when you were younger. 50-80 percent of the population has cold sores on the mouth but some of them never knew that cold sores are caused by oral herpes. When you are a child you get told "it's just cold sores" and who is a child going to believe.

    Is my herpes test result accurate?
    So almost two months ago i got an ulcer on the neck/corona on my penis.I thought it was normal maybe from masturbating. So i applied Hydrogen peroxide to help it go away and perhaps maybe disinfect it. The next day i applied more peroxide i noticed more lesions so i got scared and started to panic. I told my dad and in about 4-6 days after i went to the hospital because it didn't go away, the nurse had prescribed acyclovir and said it was herpes. She wanted to confirm it by doing a herpes culture test and urinalysis. A week later i have gotten my results, tested negative for herpes.So maybe it was just a rash. No it had gotten worse so i went to the doctor again maybe 2-4 weeks later and so they did a culture test again and tested negative for two cultural herpes exams,gonorrhea and chlamydia. I didn't have insurance at the time so i waited a few weeks later.My physician did a full std screening and hiv at a lab. My results were as followed:
    TESTS (1)Herpes simplex virus ab igm w/ reflex to titer
    hsv igm ser q1 [A] DETECTED
    reference range : NOT DETECTED
    TESTS (2)Herpes simplix virus antibody igm titer
    hsv igm titr ser if
    this specimen tested detected for hsv igm by the eia methodology but tested negative by the confirmatory ifa methodology.if clinically indicated, a second specimen should be drawn and tested 2 weeks.
    TEST (8) Hsv 1/2 igg, herpeselect type specific ab
    HSV1 igg ser eia acnc 0.06 index
    HSV2 igg ser eia acnc 0.00 index

    now my question is why did the first herpes test detect and the others were negative or were they? am i negative? and my rpr which is syphilis is positive do i have herpes and syphilis? i was also tested for everything else but i'm concerned if i do or don't have herpes?
    more info/symptoms:
    my right lymph node in my groin was swollen, my ulcer was never a blister, sick, diarrhea..and now im taking acyclovir and doxycycline.

    • ANSWER:

    I had HSV 2 test and got test values of IgG 13.8 NTU and IgM 1. What it means and how it will cure?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi There,

      First some explanations. IgG is an antibody which is secreted by some immune cells (plasma B cells). These antibodies help fight off infection and toxins. In any case IgG is the antibody we secrete once you have been infected for some time indicating previous infection, while on the other hand IgM is the antibody that is first secreted and would indicate recent infection. If both are elevated one may interpret this result as a recent activation with previous infection. Considering your results one would interpret them as positive, sorry.

      The other thing that you MUST be aware of is that there is no real cure for HSV (Herpes) infection. Instead it is managed in most cases with medication only if the patient presents with 6 or more episodes per year. The typical medication used is acyclovir or in some cases gancyclovir. If used while not having a herpetic breakout this medication itself DOES NOT CURE but simply helps control break out of the virus. If you currently do have an episode of herpes then this medication (IF TAKEN EARLY ENOUGH) will help diminish the pruritis (itch) and pain caused by the herpetic lesions. Creams with acyclovir are also available that help relieve the itch and pain and also help resolve the episode a few days faster. I hope this helps you.


      Dan MD

    Just got a IGG HSV 1 and 2 test. The results for the HSV 1 were 2.44 which is high. What does that mean?
    I had what appeared top be an ingrown hair, but to be safe I went in for blood work. The results were HSV 1 was 2.44 which is high and HSV 2 was <0.90. I have never had any STD's before. I have not seen anything that resembles traditional Herpes outbreaks. I have seen what look like enlarged hair folicles and little, what appear to be skin tags. I have never had any ulcers or sore or my penis though. I had chicken pox as a child. I have never had a cold sore or fever blister either. I am in great health but am still very concerned. My girlfriend has had all normal paps and we have been sexually active for a year. Is there a better test I should ask for? Should I be worried? Someone please help me understand what is going on! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      You are negative for HSV-2, the strain that usually causes genital herpes.

      You have had previous infection with HSV-1, which is the strain that usually causes oral herpes (cold sores). About 60% of everyone is like you: previous infection with HSV-1 with no current symptoms. Most people get HSV-1 as kids, nonsexually, usually by slobbering on each other and sticknig hands in mouths and other messy things kids are wont to do.

      You don't have a IgM result; IgM tests determine current, acute infection. If you have a positive IgM result, that means you are currently fighting the infection, and likely contagious.

      Anyway, I don't think you have anything to worry about. As for your gf's Pap smears, those test for cervical abnormalities, inductively detecting HPV. HPV is the virus that causes genital warts and certain cancers. It is not herpes. If she is under 26, she ought to consider getting vaccinated with Gardasil, though. She will still need regualr Pap smears, but at least it's one more layer of protection.

    Interpretation of test results!?
    Had blood work done and the results came back as follows:

    IGG HSV 1 = 0.12
    IGG HSV 2 = 0.25
    IGM AB Titer = <1.10 Detected

    What does this mean? Doctors gave no clear response as to what this meant she just said to test again in 3 months.
    I went in for my annual PAP and to get antibiotics for what I thought was a yeast infection. The doctor performed a culture test on a pimple I had and it came back positive for hsv 1. She said it was no big deal and that its just an annoying skin irritation, nothing else. That it wont affect me physically but this is effecting me emotionall. I can not stop reading on this :(

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think so.... A dr is very clear in their response to tests. You would be told if anything is out of whack. Why are you having blood work done anyway?

    Question about Hsv-1..?
    My partner and I are both positive for OHsv-1 (we have been had cold sores since we were children).

    I went away for spring break vacation with my daughter and was gone for 9 days. During this time he was sick with backache, headache, sore throat, no fever. I last had unprotected sex with him the 1st of April. When I returned the 10th of April, he informed me he had 3 red bumps underneath his shaft that were painless. He also had sti sypmtoms going on, but says that is from a bacterial infection.

    He tested this past Monday and the test came up positive. It was not specified so he had them reorder the test specifying which strand. We both are already HSV-1 positive. He says there is no other way he contracted it genitially except from me giving him oral sex.
    I went Tuesday and had an 8 panel test. My results will be back tomorrow. I know I will test positive for Hsv-1, but I am worried he indeed has Hsv-2. He says he will show me the test results. I don't know what to think. I have always trusted him. We have an open relationship and I know he had sex with another 4 weeks back (unprotected with his ex) and before that he tried to have sex with someone last July.

    It all just doesn't add up to me, not with everything I have read and been told. How could I also being Hsv-1 positive have given it to him orally when he was already Hsv-1 positive? Possible?? Maybe, but I thought very very very small chances.

    I will retest with the Igg in 4 weeks if this test shows negative. Just to be certain.
    His results and what he says makes no sense to me.

    Any comments would be appreciated or if anyone has had this happen, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

    Yes, his doctor did give an opinion.
    His thoughts were that it did not look at all like Herpes.
    He also explained our " openess " but that we are both usually very safe.
    The doc said he could have contracted Hsv-1 from me having a cold sore. The same thing he is saying as to how he got it genitially.
    I get my results tomorrow. I had an Igg blood test for both types.
    Then, I will retest in 4 weeks if the Hsv-2 is negative. I know the Hsv-1 will be positive.

    • ANSWER:
      If you all have had it before you met each other (or when you were children) then you're not going to reinfect each other on the mouth. But you can pass it to each others genitals if you give oral sex while either of you has a visible cold sore. It's not HSV2 but oral herpes (HSV1) on the genitals.
      You can escape getting genital herpes, just because he slept with one other person that doesn't make him doomed to get an std or herpes. But having sex with other strange people can put him at risk for contracting an std.
      It doesn't sound like herpes but herpes can have a different appearance and symptoms to every one that contracts it. All you can do is wait for the results, no one on here could tell you for sure if it's herpes or not.

    Can this be a false positive result?
    Hi there. Today, I received a letter from planned parenthood telling me that I had tested positive for my herpes test. I am devastated right now but am skeptical too. I was tested by Quest Diagnostics for both HSV-1 and HSV-2 (IGG) and both came out negative about 5 weeks ago and I was tested by our city's health department about three weeks ago and that result came out negative as well. My blood sample was taken about two weeks ago, about a week or so after my last negative test. And on top of that, both of my partners are negative with the first being tested for everything three weeks before we had oral sex (and didn't see anyone else between the results and me) and the second just got recently tested and she came out negative too (which is odd considering I am supposedly positive, wouldn't she be too?) I am really depressed at the moment and have been reading alot of info on the internet that deals with false positive test results and result errors with planned parenthood. Apparently, they don't use western blots which is the most efficient protocol to use for detecting HSV. Can someone tell me what might be going on? And why the hell PP decided to mail home a letter saying Im positive as opposed to calling me or even telling me to come in?
    But if both my partners were negative, how could I be positive? And I only took 3 different tests because Im a little OCD. I only decided to take the first test after I received oral sex from the first girl who was the first girl I had any sexual relations with in about 8 months. And none of the two girls have exhibited symptoms either on top of the negative results.

    • ANSWER:
      You're more likely to get a false negative then a false positive with testing.
      5 weeks ago you could have had antibodies low enough to give you a negative result then they could have built up since then. But some times the body can suppress herpes enough to have a negative result.
      Which type did you test positive for.... If it was HSV1 then you could have had that type for a long time. It's often passed during child hood.
      The most accurate way to test for herpes would be to have a swab of a break out taken.
      The PP in your area doesn't sound very organized, not sure why they would mail you some thing instead of calling you.
      I would get a second opinion from a doctor or professional clinic.

    Positive Herpes test no outbreaks, is this possible?
    Irecently got tested for std's herpes test came back positive here are the numbers:
    HSV type 1 IGG specific ab- 3:45
    HSV type 2 IGG specific ab- Negative
    HSV type 1, IFA- 1:40
    HSV Type 2, IFA- 1:20
    I have never had an outbreak, my husband does have what looks like a rash on the head of his penis, it does not have any liquid in it and it is now going away. What does this mean?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it is possible. You could go months or years with out ever having an out break or knowing that you have herpes. Your body can suppress herpes for weeks or months even after you contract it.
      Herpes can look like a mild rash, to bug bites, to pimples, or blisters or sores.
      Many people have HSV1 usually on the mouth. This is usually what causes cold sores 50-90 percent of the world has cold sores on the mouth so HSV1 on the mouth is very common to have. Most people contract cold sores during child hood from kissing relatives who have cold sores.
      Your hubby should get tested for herpes as well before this rash goes away. You should talk to your doctor about your results, they can clear things up for you.

    accuracy of herpes igg igm blood test?
    hi i am so frustrated with this i have been dealing with this situation for over 6 years i have been tested negative for hepres for both hsv 1 and hsv 2 by igg and igm but my doc still says that i have herpes i have herpes like symptoms under my foreskin which keep on reccuring they are moist red patches under my foreskin which my doc says looks like typical herpes out break so who should i trust my doc or the blood test results i did have the blood test a year after i saw first symptoms so there was enough time for the accuracy of the result how common is a false negative result with being tested for both hsv 1 and hsv 2 your honest opinions will be highly appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      You could just have a bacterial infection, they can occur under the fore skin from not cleaning properly or often enough. Unless some one screwed up your blood work then testing for herpes is accurate specially while you're having symptoms. You can always ask your doctor to take a swab of red patch, which is an even more accurate way to test for herpes.
      By the way herpes looks more like blisters or open paper cut like sores rather then a red patch of skin.

    I really need your advice on my HSV 1 and 2 bloodwork results...?
    Okay this is what happened... I went for my regular "woman" checkup, and good my annual STD bloodwork as well, and a week and a half later, they tell me that my HSV 2 came back positive... I was in such shock because I've never had any signs or symptoms, that I went back for a "re-test"... well this time, they said that I was NEGATIVE for HSV 2, and positive for HSV 1... I'm so confused now, and they aren't doing anything to speed up the answers from the lab that they use... what should I do? What should I think? HELP!

    • ANSWER:
      Get all the numbers on one sheet. Look at the IgM and IgG values for each infection.

      If your IgM is high (above the "reference value"), that usually indicated current infection. This is corroborated if you have a high IgG.

      However if only your IgG is high, that is a sign of past infection or cross-reactivity. It's often regarded as a FALSE positive.

      ADDENDUM to discuss herpes:
      Okay, I didn't say enough about herpes itself. Let me elaborate. HSV-1 is traditionally oral herpes and HSV-2 is traditionally genital herpes. I say traditionally because thanks to unsafe oral sex practices, these strains are increasingly appearing on the "wrong" sites. You can get HSV-1 on the genitals and hSV-2 on the mouth. The virus does have its preferred site of residence, but it can make do with either site -- it just won't thrive as well.

      Most people get HSV-1 non-sexually as small children, usually as toddlers who put their mouths all over stuff, or by receiving messy kisses from infected relatives (come give grandma a smoochy-smooch!). The majority of people have HSV-1, something around 60% of all adults have it. Many people do get cold sores, but many don't. They may have had a stray fever blister as kids, but as adults they may experience no symptoms at all.

      However, HSV-2 is far more frequently sexually transmitted. About 20% of all adults have it, and many NEVER show symptoms. For those who do show symptoms, they are worst in the month immediately following infection. The first flare-up is the worst, and it gradually tapers off from there.

      HSV is not curable, but if you get symptoms, you can control them with cyclovir-class drugs (Zovirax, Famvir and Valtrex).

      So with that in mind, go back and look at a copy of your results. If there is no reference value listed on the sheet, call the lab (the client services number should be on the paper) and ask for it. Then compare your numbers to the reference value. If your IgM and IgG are high, like I said before, talk to your doctor.

    Herpes Igg positive, but doc says won't break out?
    I went in for my yearly exam & was having menstration issues, so my doctor tested me for every type of STD, infection, ect & made me an appointment with an OBGYN for an ultrasound.
    My IGG for HSV 1 & 2 showed antibodies but IGM showed nothing. The doctor told me I had been exposed at some time in the past, but wasn't infected & wouldn't have any break outs or anything but I just had the antibodies... leaving me to believe the did not have genital herpes, but only oral (cold sores) because I remember having them as a child.
    Now after reading online, it says that I have both types of herpes & can very well break out... I'm freaking out & called my doctor who conveniently isn't working today, because she told me I didn't have genital herpes.. wth???!!!
    I asked my doctors nurse, she said there were no numbers or levels on the test results, that it just said positive, and the doctor made a note to discuss that I wasn't infected. How contradicting!!!
    A antibody positive means I have genital herpes, does it not?
    I've been reading that there is an immunization shot that will also give you the antibodies, and that in some cases you can have the antibodies without having the virus...or that the type 2 can show positive if you only have the type 1... I'm so confused & scared...

    • ANSWER:
      You have to have a certain number /amount of antibodies of herpes in your blood in order to test positive for herpes. Once you reach those numbers or go over them then your positive. You may have some antibodies but not enough to give you a positive result.
      You may have to have a higher level of antibodies or be positive for herpes in order to have a break out.
      You can have either type of herpes at one time or you can also contract both types of herpes.
      If you only have HSV1 and haven't had oral sex or intercourse yet then it's most likely on your mouth. This type of herpes is very common to have and not life threatening.

    I have lost two pregnancies. What shall I do?
    I am 25 years old. In February 2009 i had a miscarriage, i was about 8-9 weeks pregnant. The size of the embryo was 19mm.
    After that, a month later(until 13.04.09) I Took the following test with results:
    1) Immune status:
    Anticardiolipin IgG -11,5 (lab norm 10)
    Anticardiolipin IgM -37.2 (lab norm 10)
    Antiphospholipid IgG -3.7 (lab norm 10)
    Antiphospholipid IgM -8.8 (lab norm 10)

    2) Analysis of hemostasis results were good
    3) anti-CMV IgG (Cytomegalovirus) -7.5 (lab norms 0-0,5)
    anti-CMV IgM -negative (norm - negative)
    anti-T gondii IgG (Toxoplasma) -103.1 (norms 0-50)
    anti-T godnii IgM (Toxoplasma) negative (norm - negative)
    anti-HSV, type 1,2 IgG (herpes) -121.6 (norms 0-5.0)
    anti-HSV, type 1,2 IgM (herpes) - negative (norm - negative)
    5) Mycoplasmosis, ureoplasmosis - negative
    6) Testosterone , prolactin, LH, FSH, T-4, TSH - normal
    7) Antibody to rubella - negative

    My doctor on thought it might be antiphospholipid syndrome.
    7 months later, in September, we have decided to try to conceive again.
    Ultrasound (12 October) - uterine pregnancy, the size of fetal egg 0,5 cm
    Ultrasound (10 November) - the size of fetal egg 2,5 cm, CTE -0,9 ,detected heartbeat
    Ultrasound (22 November) - an embryo is not visualized, the size of fetal egg 2,4 cm
    Around week 6-7 the baby stopped developing (supposed to be 9 weeks)
    23 November - surgical abortion, antibiotics.

    During the pregnancy i did the following tests:

    October 20
    1) Anticardiolipin IgG: 18,0 (norm 0-48)
    Anticardiolipin IgM: 17,2 (norm 0-44)
    October 13
    2) Lupus Anticoagulant - negative
    November 12
    Lupus Anticoagulant - negative
    3) Progesterone-normal
    4) DHEA -3,0 (norm 0,9-3,6)

    Tests results after clinical abortion:
    November 26
    anti-CMV IgG (CMV)-positive
    anti-CMV IgM (CMV)-negative
    anti-HSV, type 1,2 IgG (herpes) - positive
    anti-HSV, type 1,2 IgM (herpes) - negative

    If you could please advise me what i could do or what other tests there're to run?
    What could be the reason of my pregnancies termination?
    Thanks you a lot in advance
    Looking forward to your response.
    Sincerely, Natalia
    I had 2 doctors during my pregnancies,but one doctor refused to deal with my problem. Another doctor said, that my analysies are good and she saw no reason why miscarriages. On the beginning of the month I will go to genetics

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Natalia! I don't intend on reading this long chart, that's not what I come here for. Ask a live doctor what the reason is, not strangers on Yahoo Answers. I am sorry that you have herpes.

      Sincerely, Hi Omg Omg Hi

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